It’s game on! From game shows, cooking competitions, action-packed dramas and more, we’re talking with the stars to bring you a look at what’s coming up on the Fox TV lineup.

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “‘Food Stars’ is all about 14 incredible entrepreneurs trying to convince Lisa and myself that one of them deserves a quarter-of-a-million-dollar prize.”

Here’s some food for thought. Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes Lisa Vanderpump to round two of “Food Stars,” and both of them want their team to win.

Lisa Vanderpump: “Oh, my goodness.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “Did we butt heads? It was a nightmare. I could never get a word in edgewise, but I take this competition very, very serious, but this one doesn’t like to lose.”

Lisa Vanderpump: “I don’t like to lose.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “And, sadly…”

And music brings everyone together, as Jane Krakowski challenges more contestants to “Name That Tune.”

Jane Krakowski: “I do have compassion for these people, because they’re under the pressure of the show and the lights and the live audience there, so you feel bad, but when there are songs we know inside and out.”

“The Floor” host Rob Lowe’s got game — as in, he’s got game fever.

Rob Lowe: “Trivial Pursuit, for sure. That’s my thing. I’m happy to take people on in that because there’s not a lot of math.”

Joel McHale: “We have new crimes to solve, the baking kind, not the murder-y kind.”

Joel McHale is back in the “Crime Scene Kitchen.”

Joel McHale: “I think it’s the most challenging baking show on television, streaming or on stage.”

Jamie and Corrine Foxx return for “Beat Shazam” Season 7.

Corrine Foxx: “It’s so much fun shooting the show with my dad. He has so much energy, more energy — he’s 56 — he has more energy than me. I’m always trying to keep up with him.”

Jon Hamm is still on the case in Season 2 of “Grimsburg.” He even shared which one of his past characters he would like to see on the show.

Jon Hamm: “Don Draper would certainly be an interesting choice. If he’s hiding out in Grimsburg, I would watch that show.”

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