SoFlo is known to be the best at a lot of things. Best beaches, best restaurants, best half-naked women.

Food & Wine Magazine is making it official. Miami is featured in the May issue as one of the top food cities to visit, and included on the list, are two local tasty favorites.

Miami’s shaking up the foodie scene.

Food & Wine Magazine just announced its 2024 Global Tastemakers Awards.

Ashley Day: “Last year we had our readers vote. This year we had a panel of judges. We reached out to nearly 200 of our expert travel writers and this year Miami made the top ten cities for food and drinks.”

Maty’s in the heart of midtown is one yummy spot that made the 305 stand out.

Ashley Day: “They really captivated us at Edame with their Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.”

Congrats Chef Valerie, how does it feel to be one of the best?

Valerie Cheng: “We’re very young, we’ve been open a year. So to be able to achieve the accolades that we have and to push together as a team the way we have has been incredible.”

The dream team is coming to life and all thanks to:

Valerie Cheng: “This restaurant was inspired by my grandmother who took a big part in raising my brother and I. We’re definitely using all her inspiration like the things she loves to eat, like the whole fish. We’re going to prepare for you a scallop ceviche, which is our most popular ceviche that’s a fan favorite.”

Walkiria Marin: “The ceviche here at Maty’s is incredible.”

making a splash on the “15 Top Bars in the U.S.” list is this Calle Ocho favorite Cafe La Trova.

Ashley Day: “Cafe La Trova stands out for unbelievable mojitos, classic Cuban cocktails, live music, and really the ambiance that’s like 1950s Havana.”

The moves of these well-dressed bartenders known as cantineros will not disappoint.

Julio Cabrera: “Every night we do a show behind the bar with the band and we play some instruments behind the bar. I think that the three most popular that we have. We have the mojito of course but the classic mojito, mojito criollo is the most popular here. We sell over 200 every night, weekends it’s over 300.”

They also have a buena vista with cucumber and mint and an old-fashioned but the Cuban way.

Julio Cabrera: “We use rum instead of bourbon because it’s a rum place, a Cuban place. But we use special bitters that are made with coffee and tobacco flavors.”

Lisa Harris: “It feels just like how I would expect it to feel in Little Havana. It feels very family, friendly cozy.”

3255 NE 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 338-3525

Cafe La Trova
71 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33130
(786) 615-4379

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