When it comes to food, everyone loves it hot and fast, but really great Southern-style food is better when it isn’t rushed. Or so we thought.

Soulfly Chicken is known for its fantastic flavors, and they’re opening up their first brick-and-mortar location right in Wynwood.

It’s gluten-free fried chicken for your soul.

Troy Tingling: “When you eat any of our chicken, you’ll notice the difference. It’s not heavy, it’s very light, it’s not oily. It’s just good, natural, Southern comfort cooking.”

You’ll also notice there are no cashiers. Everything is high-tech.

Here’s how it works.

Troy Tingling: “When you come into the store, you’re ordering from a kiosk. Then from there, your order comes out to a locker. It’s like fast-paced; the food comes out in under 10 minutes, and it’s just an experience. You come, grab food, and you go.”

The team behind the food truck-turned-restaurant knows what makes great fried chicken.

Troy Tingling: “The first bite, you’re going to taste the crunch, then you’re going to taste the spice. Then, because our chicken is so juicy, all that flavor is just going to be one great experience.”

Ezekiel Rahman: “You don’t feel heavy, you don’t feel bloated after you eat it, and it’s just delicious.”

They’ve got lots of fixings, too.

Troy Tingling: “When you come here, you have collard greens, you have creamy mac and cheese, sweet potato biscuits on the menu, we have fried corn, just some good homestyle cooking.”

Wait, what? Sweet potato biscuits?

Troy Tingling: “It’s a shocker to our customers who come in and actually try it. Once you take the first bite, you’re, ‘Can I have more? Can you give me more?'”

Ezekiel Rahman: “It just tastes so good with the cinnamon and the honey. It’s great, it’s different, I haven’t had it anywhere else.”

Not a meat lover? Not a problem.

Troy Tingling: “Our signature sandwiches, we also make them plant-based. So you get the same flavors as if you were eating the chicken, without the chicken.”

No matter what you choose, Chef Troy promises you’ll leave Soulfly satisfied.

Troy Tingling: “People are just like, ‘Wow, this is just amazing.’ ‘It reminds me of my grandmother.’ ‘It reminds me of being back in the country.’ It’s everything you loved before from the food truck, just bigger and better.”

Soulfly Chicken
2615 North Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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