Marshmallow is ready for its closeup. For too long, this gooey fan favorite has been reduced to a supporting role in the dessert world. No more! A few bold dessert pioneers are blazing a trail and giving marshmallow its sweet time in the spotlight.

Marshmallow? No, not Marshmello — marshmallows! From Fort Lauderdale Marshmallow Co.

Jennifer Thomas-Sassone: “The Fort Lauderdale Marshmallow Company is a marshmallow company. We specialize in making gourmet marshmallows.”

They’re crazy about it. That’s why they have so many flavors.

Jennifer Thomas-Sassone: “We have 15 flavors. Our top sellers are the Birthday Cake Oreo, the coconut, the Smurf, and our now popular pistachio.”

These fluffy fixings aren’t like the squishy versions you get in the stores.

Jennifer Thomas-Sassone: “There’s a big difference between ours and what you can get at the store. For example, our Birthday Cake Oreo is a homemade, fresh marshmallow base, with chopped-up birthday cake Oreos, extra sprinkles mixed in, and then even more sprinkles on top.”

And, if they sound a lot like ice cream, that’s because they are … sort of. These goodies are made by the same people who make the ice cream for Razzleberry’s Ice Cream.

Jennifer Thomas-Sassone: “Our customers were always asking to take the ice cream home with them to places like Chicago, which is unfortunately not possible. So we wanted to come up with something that could capture our flavors and allow our guests to take our flavors home with them.”

They’re made right in house, ready to ship or serve.

Jennifer Thomas-Sassone: “We started with our most popular ice cream flavors and took a marshmallow base instead of an ice cream base and used the exact flavors and mix-ins that we would put in our ice cream. We tasted them and thought, ‘Wow, that worked!'”

And there’s more than one way to enjoy these gooey goodies.

Jennifer Thomas-Sassone: “You can have them on top of a milkshake, on top of a sundae or as a toasted marshmallow ice cream sandwich.”

Keith Robertson: “I loved my sundae, the mixture of the marshmallows and my favorite ice cream flavor.”

Marshmello (DJ set): “I’m so alone. Nothing feels like home. I’m so alone. I’m trying to find my way back home to you!”

OK, OK, so they might not be home, but you’re not alone in loving these sweet treats, either.

Jennifer Thomas-Sassone: “You should try a marshmallow because they’re unique. It’s something a lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to try. The size of a brownie, the taste of a marshmallow, mixed in with the flavors of an ice cream.”

Fort Lauderdale Marshmallow Co.
1499 SE 17th St., Suite D
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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