It’s technically still winter, but it sure doesn’t feel like it here in SoFlo. We’re not just talking about the weather, though. There’s an exhibition in town that’s blooming into something special. We’re taking you to a place where flower power meets girl power.

Things are getting a little wild at the Bal Harbour Shops.

Spring has sprung a little early at the luxury shopping center, thanks to the return of the annual Fleurs de Villes floral show.

Karen Marshall: “Fleurs de Villes means ‘flowers of cities,’ so we pop up in cities around the world, and we showcase each city’s top local floral artists.”

Last year’s show was all about honoring iconic, historical figures like Audrey Hepburn and Maya Angelou — but this year’s celebration of Women’s History Month has a new theme.

Gotmar Giron: “This year’s Fleurs de Villes theme is Voyage, so it’ll be a fresh, floral celebration of discovery and global storytelling.”

Going global here means you’ll find 15 mannequins decked out from head to toe in outfits made entirely out of flowers.

Each one represents a specific location — like Venice, Venezuela and Spain.

Karen Marshall: “Voyage is about traveling the world. It’s about going to different places and hearing and seeing different stories from different parts of the world through these beautiful floral installations.”

Another one of those destinations is the Kyoto Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.

This colorful geisha was put together by Miami event florists The Flora Buds.

Lauren Garrote: “We were thrilled. We here last year with a doorway, and we moved our way up to a mannequin. We’re so happy to be part of the show and paired with Makoto.”

Flora Buds’ mannequin and accompanying umbrella flourish with hundreds of gorgeous flowers.

Lauren Garrote: “I think it’s about 800 carnations alone, and that’s just one of about the maybe 10 varieties we have on our girl. We paired that with specialty things like Oriental lilies, phalaenopsis orchids and things that really pop.”

Some of the sculptures aren’t just inspired by places; they’re paying tribute to real people.

Humphrey Bogart (as Rick Blaine): “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

“Casablanca” is repped by the legendary Humphrey Bogart, which is the first male mannequin ever featured at the shops.

Meryl Streep (as Karen Blixen): “I want to hear you say my name.”

And a whimsical, safari-themed display represents Danish author Karen Blixen, who was played by Meryl Streep in the 1985 film “Out of Africa.”

Karen Marshall: “We really want to transport people around the world through these beautiful floral installations.”

Think of it as planting the seeds to your next adventure.

Gotmar Giron: “We’re celebrating travel, voyage, discovery, and again, flowers just make everybody happy.”

Fleurs de Villes Voyage will be on display through March 12, and it’s totally free to check out.

Fleurs de Villes Voyage
Bal Harbour Shops
9700 Collins Ave.
Bal Harbour, FL 33154

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