We all know and love the “Magic Mike” movies, because what’s not to love about a shirtless Channing Tatum?

But a red-hot reality competition show is creating the newest “Magic Mike” star. Deco reporter — and aspiring male exotic dancer — Alex Miranda has the steamy story.

It’s time to start objectifying the gentlemen, for once. In “Finding Magic Mike,” coming to HBO Max, 10 guys strip down to get our spirits up, and I flew all the way to Las Vegas this past weekend just to tell you, it works.

Don’t come for the costumes, because they don’t last very long, on the new HBO Max reality competition show “Finding Magic Mike.”

Ten regular guys who have lost their magic will be put through a bootylicious boot camp, baring their souls and, um, so much more.

Adam Rodriguez: “They say, ‘Look, I’m going to put myself out there.'”

Alex Miranda: “Completely!”

Adam Rodriguez: “Completely out there!”

Adam Rodriguez, who stars in the “Magic Mike” movies, mentors while the guys perform sexy and daring dance routines, before one is crowned the Big Kahuna.

Adam Rodriguez: “You are going to fall in love with all of these guys, and you are going to be right on that ride with them.”

Adam tells me winning takes only one thing.

Adam Rodriguez: “Courage!”

Alex Miranda: “Jesus! I mean, every episode that passes by…”

Adam Rodriguez: “Courage, and a lot of other words you can use to say courage.”

The real Magic Mike will be handed $100,000.

Nate Bryan, competitor: “I wanted to do it or my mom, and giving back to her is so monumental for me.”

But the choreographers have a hard time getting them there, trying to turn amateurs into Las Vegas Strip-level strippers.

Alison Faulk, choreographer: “Part of ‘Magic Mike Live’ is being comfortable in less clothing.”

Johnny Dutch, competitor: “It’s very difficult.”

Nate Bryan: “Yeah, it’s very difficult.”

Johnny Dutch: “Because you have so many different people in the crowd — men, women, couples, married people — and you don’t know what their fantasy is.”

Luke Broadlick, competitor: “Any guy out there can, absolutely.”

Alison Faulk: “I think you just have to try and put yourself out there.”

But contestants walk away with more than a good hip thrust.

Johnny Dutch: “It shows us being vulnerable. It shows us saying, ‘Hey, you like nice today. This looks good on you.’ That’s OK for a man to say that.”

Although many of us will be tuning in for the, cough, dancing.

Alex Miranda: “What is your top tip for somebody who does want to break in and give a good li’l lap dance? Because this is useful at a party, too, not just Las Vegas.”

Adam Rodriguez: “Make sure that the person you’re about to do it for is ready to receive it.”

Alex Miranda: “Consent!”

Adam Rodriguez: “A lap dance is not something you want to surprise somebody with.”

Nate Bryan: “Really make eye contact, and you don’t have to go too fast. Just sit in that pocket.”

Johnny Dutch: “Sit in the pocket.”

“Alex Miranda: “Go with the flow…”

Johnny Dutch: “That’s it.”

Are we still talking about dancing?

“Finding Magic Mike” streams on HBO Max this Thursday. My favorite is Ross … and you’ll find out why in Episode 3.

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