The Bad Boys are back in town, so we sent our bad boy — at least he is for tonight — out to cover them. Alex Miranda, whatchu gonna do, whatchu gonna do when they come for you, huh?

Well, you know, the other song is, “We ain’t going nowhere, we ain’t going nowhere ’cause it’s Bad Boys for life?” Well, I hate to break it to you, but they did go somewhere else, because Martin Lawrence and Will Smith were on this intersection almost all day Friday.

Fans came out and they saw the moviemaking up close and personal for “Bad Boys 4.”

Bad boys. Miami is filled with them.

Alex Miranda: “Are you a bad boy?”

Fan 1: “‘Bad boy’ means a lot of things.”

But Friday, the famous kind, from that movie franchise, you know, were up to their old tricks in downtown Miami.

Alex Miranda: “That’s a different Friday, I’m sure. Right?”

Miguel: “Absolutely. It’s completely crazy. Imagine you’re in the afternoon, and now you have Will Smith right in your back. That’s absolutely crazy.”

“Bad Boys 4” star Will Smith spotted. There he is!

Fan 2: “We were just walking around, actually, and we just happened to see Will Smith in the middle of the road.”

Shooting a scene on the intersection of Southwest Second Avenue and Second Street.

Fan 3: “I’m his biggest fan.”

Alex Miranda: “You’re Will Smith’s biggest fan?”

Fan 3: “Yes.”

Alex Miranda: “Why?”

Fan 3: “Because I watch all his movies, play all his songs, videos, everything.”

And fans, for life, watched from just a block away .

Fan 2: “It looks like me and him are about the same height, to be honest, but that’s pretty much it. I’ve seen Martin Lawrence just every glimpse.”

Alex Miranda: “What is it like seeing them over there? This is like a real movie happening right now.”

Miguel: “Absolutely. We are in a movie right now, you and me. We are literally in Miami.”

Alex Miranda: “I promise you, I’m the real TV news crew, not the fake one over there.”

This family drove all the way in from Port St. Lucie and totally lucked out.

Fan 1: “This does not happen every day. We spent almost, like, four hours looking for this place.”

Alex Miranda: “So you’re a huge fan?”

Fan 1: “Uh, yeah.”

Miguel, on the other hand, just happened to walk by.

Miguel: “I cannot ask for more. I just want to see the next one, and that’s it.”

Wednesday, the crew were spotted in Brickell, filming at a pretend Miami Police Station. Bad boys, indeed.

Alex Miranda: “He’s a good guy, he’s a good guy.”

Fan 1: “Yeah. A good bad boy.”

The Second Avenue Bridge in Brickell will be closed for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday.

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