Stop, collaborate and listen.

Well, not listen, more like watch at Miami’s FilmGate Film Festival. And there will be collabs.

Florida filmmakers will be showcasing their short films at the Silverspot Cinema on Wednesday.

It’s open to the public and could be your chance to rub elbows with the next Steven Spielberg.

It’s a different type of chaos when you say “free-for-all” at FilmGate’s Film Festival.

Michelle Hung, festival coordinator: “This Wednesday, we have our ‘free-for-all’ theme, and basically it’s all films of all genres. We’re featuring a documentary film. There’s dramatic films.”

It’s an all-out indie film watch party at Miami downtown’s Silverspot Cinema.

Michelle Hung: “FilmGate Festival is Florida’s longest running monthly short film series. Basically, we feature Florida films. Right before the actual film screening, we have our world famous Percolator.”

No, you don’t have to twerk, but you can pitch.

Michelle Hung: “They’re pitching a project that they’re seeking collaborators for, or they’re somebody with a talent, and they’re creative, and they’re seeking projects to work on.”

Jose Navas/Director of “Awake Before Dawn”: “It’s a really cool place to just hang out, meet filmmakers and see who’s making the next big film.”

And the Miami Downtown Development Authority, aka the DDA, considers themselves one. They sound official but pro fun.

Christina Crespi/Director for Downtown Development Authority: “We’re really about bringing arts and culture back to downtown and really creating this 24/7 vibrancy again in our downtown core. FilmGate is one of our legacy recipients.”

For us right-brained type of folks, showing off creativity is their power. FilmGate helps with flaunting those skills.

Like this young filmmaker, who wanted to tell her stories in a “pole” type of perspective.

Jensa Jeudy/”Dream City” director: “‘Dream City’ came from a place where I was kind of questioning what was I willing to do and how far was I willing to go. So I was like ooh, an exotic dancer, this theme.”

This indie movie puts a spotlight on the ups and downs of stripper life.

Lensa Jeudy: “A lot of people have a such a negative connotation about it. So I wanted to show a regular woman who so happens to be an exotic dancer.”

The “Awake Before Dawn” filmmaker submitted his film and is also a fan of the event.

Jose Nava: “This is my third time here at FilmGate. They’re like a true champion of my career.”

The flick is a drama and loosely based on his own story growing up

Jose Navas: “It tells a story of Santi, who’s a 9-year-old boy who works at the flea market with his younger brother and his immigrant mother. It’s an intimate film, really, about work, sacrifice, but at the end of the day, what matters is family.”

Tomorrow’s event starts at 6:30 p.m. and includes eight films with happy hour networking.

Tickets are $15 and comes with popcorn.


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