“Red Table Talk: The Estefans” is shot right here in our own backyard. Gloria, her daughter Emily and her niece Lili sit at the big red table and dish about everything. Their new episode hits home for many of us, and the ladies sat down with Deco to fill us in.

And, since I had some one-o- one time, they even helped me out with a little problem.

Gloria Estefan: “Whatever you think is happening in Cuba is a lie. This is an urgent call to action.”

“Red Table Talk: the Estefans” has a new episode, and the family told me it’s about something that impacts many of us in South Florida: Cuba.

Gloria Estefan: “Just one hour by plane from here, where we’re sitting right now, 90 miles off the coast of Florida, horrific atrocities are happening to the people we love in the county we’re from.”

Who better to talk about what’s been happening in Cuba than Gloria, Emily and Lili?

Lili Estefan: “There is no freedom of speech.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, my God, Lili, stop crying, because every time you cry, I cry.”

Lili Estefan: “I know.”

Lynn Martinez: “My gosh.”

With some help from Gloria’s hubby, Emilo estefan, and actor Laz Alonso, the discussion about Cuba gets personal.

Especially for Lili, who left the island as a teenager.

Lili Estefan: “I kind of feel, like, sometimes guilty. I’ve had this incredible life here, and you see them, like, how many years are they going to keep on going through this?”

Lynn Martinez: “But your story is so impactful, really.”

When it comes to topics this season, nothing is off the red table.

Gloria Estefan: “We’ve got a killer episode with Becky G and Anita. Female strength in a very masculine urban market, and we talk about cyberbullying with Ariel Winter and Gabi DeMartino. Ariel, she grew up in the spotlight, and bullying really took a toll on her.”

But, maybe there are some things that shouldn’t be discussed.

Emily Estefan: “We have my mom paying for therapy for me because I know too much about their sex life.”

Gloria Estefan: “I did not share that.”

Emily Estefan: “Bro, bro.”

Since the show is known for honest opinions, I asked for some mother-daughter advice from Gloria and Emily.

Lynn Martinez: “What is your advice to me as a mother when my 20-year-old says to me, when I post a picture of her, ‘You need to tell me when you are going to post. I don’t like that picture?’ It drives me crazy.”

Gloria Estefan: “You know who does that to me? This one.”

Lynn Martinez: “What’s important is how I look.”

Gloria Estefan: “Exactly. We don’t care what she looks like.”

Emily Estefan: “You want to make her happy? Then respect that she doesn’t want you to post the picture.”

Gloria Estefan: “Or send it first before you post the picture.”

Emily Estefan: “But I’ll tell you this: send her my number and tell her to come hang out with me, because we have to stop caring so much about this stuff.”

All kidding aside, things get deep, and that’s the point. Plus, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Gloria Estefan: “I studied psychology. I was going to be a therapist.”

Lynn Martinez: “‘Red Table Talk’ group therapy.”

Emily Estefan: “That’s it. Glam therapy!”

“Red Table Talk: The Estefans” is on Facebook Watch. The episode about Cuba is streaming now.

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