Sure, we’ve all ridden on those bumper cars at the country fair. But have you ever done it on ice?

We hadn’t either, until Boca Ice in Boca Raton, opened up. It’s the only brand-new ice-skating arena in Palm Beach County.

Deco’s Alex Miranda was there live and said it was really cool.

7News’ Weather Phil Ferro: “South Florida stuck in a wave of extreme heat.”

Alex Miranda: “It’s really hot outside, isn’t it?”

Jake Dinov: “It’s very hot.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, it’s like the perfect time to go ice skating again.”

Or move to Alaska. But the new Boca Ice & Fine Arts Center in Boca Raton is closer.

Jake Dinov: “74,210 square feet, with two NHL-size sheets, a mezzanine that holds 200.”

If Elsa from “Frozen” lived in South Florida, she’d be a regular for the figure skating and hockey options.


Jake Dinov: “We’re off of I-95, exit 50, right here. You know, there’s no east-to-west driving.”

And with no snow-capped mountains in the area, indoor skiing seems like a good alternative.

Jake: “Mount Boca, we call it.”

And fully equipped.

Jake Dinov: “We have skis, boots and poles.”

Alex Miranda: “Can people who have never skied before get used to it when they’re up there?”

Jake Dinov: “It’s set up to help beginner skiers learn their pizza position with an instructor. One hour of training is as good as a day of ski school.”

Well, my pizza wasn’t fully baked, until…

Alex Miranda: “Let me just have fun.”

“Cupid Shuffle” started playing on the loudspeaker.

I’ll score myself a…

Alex Miranda: “D plus. But bumper cars, always 10 out of 10.”

Jake Dinov: “But it’s not just bumping. It’s a whole interactive game where they have to shoot the other bumper with their bullseye, and if they do…”))

Alex Miranda: “It’s brutal, it’s brutal.”

You start spinning.

Jake Dinov: “And you hear the shrieks.”

Alex Miranda: “What does that feel like?”

Jake Dinov: “It’s fantastic.”

Alex Miranda: “Spinning on ice is a whole other level of spinning, I think.”

Jake Dinov: “Oh, they love it… It’s $10 per ride, about 10 minutes altogether. It’s enough spinning for the day.”

And if you think this is cool. too, we’re not the only ones.

Jake Dinov: “The bumper cars went viral when we opened. It was 4.2 million views on Instagram.”

Boca Ice is open seven days a week.

Jake Dinov: “You want to get out there and have some fun.”

Do not forget to bring a sweater or jacket and long pants, because it is freezing in the arena.

Boca Ice & Fine Arts Center
900 Peninsula Corp Cir.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

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