Need a little date inspo for Valentine’s Day? No worries, Deco has you covered! We have two picnic set ups that are the perfect way to spend your day of love.

Valentine’s Day lands on a Monday, but you won’t have the Monday blues at the Loew’s Miami Beach hotel.

Linda Villafane: “This year, Loews Miami Beach hotel is doing something very unique for Valentine’s Day. We are offering to guests and locals to come and have a picnic in paradise with us.”

A picnic on the beach? Sounds romantic!

Linda Villafane: “The Picnic in Paradise basket comes with a beautiful blanket, the actual basket, a bottle of mums champagne, and a bunch of delicious things fresh made to eat including strawberries and chocolate, a charcuterie board.”

Mmmm! I’m hungry just thinking about it! You can pick up your basket at the Miami Joe’s Coffee Company inside the hotel then head to the beach with your date.

Linda Villafane: “This is a great alternative to going to a traditional restaurant this Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun and unique way to celebrate outdoors on the beach with the sunset, and maybe take a stroll afterward, and make a beautiful romantic occasion out of it. ”  

The hotel takes all the hassle out of planning, all you have to do is just enjoy the moment.

Linda Villafane: “Guests and locals can come and enjoy our Picnic in Paradise from February 11th to the 14th. We make a limited quantity everyday, so make sure to reserve.”

Vanessa James: “What a great spin on Valentine’s Day. It’s different than going to a traditional restaurant, and I just love that I could do that right here at the Loews.”

If you’re feeling really extravagant, how about spending the evening in a tee-pee?

Shantavia Chong: “My company name is “Get Sleepy Tee-Pee,” we do tee-pee parties for kids, adults, and teenagers. Today, we basically are featuring more of our Valentine’s segment for adults to have that romantic theme for themselves.”

“Get Sleepy Tee-Pee” sets up where ever you feel comfortable, even in your own back yard.

Shantavia Chong: “For Valentine’s Day, we’re offering charcuterie boards, chocolate covered strawberries, and wine, and with this you can go ahead and have a set up inside one of our tee-pees. It also includes blankets pillows, just a basic rug for you guys to enjoy the set up.”

If you want to feel like a kid again, you can even add a bounce house to your set-up.

Shantavia Chong: “The bounce houses is also an add on option, you can set that up with the tee-pees, and it’s just there for you guys to have fun. This set up is available till the end of February, just in case you missed Valentine’s Day.”  

No matter what your age, a tee-pee picnic will sure to bring on the romance.

Shantavia Chong: “A tee-pee set up is beautiful, it’s cozy, romantic. It gives you that one-on-one feel.”

Jason Martin: “It’s with all the different details, how they come together seamlessly. They formed this perfect ambiance, so I really enjoyed that.”

To book a picnic at the Loew’s call the hotel directly, and for “Get Sleepy Tee-Pee,” click here.

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