If you’re into team sports but also team food and team drinks, we know the perfect place in paradise for you. Sure, living rooms are great and all, but who would want to catch and watch a game this season while being pampered like a true VIP with your team? Deco’s waterboy, Alex Miranda, has more.

Call me champagne Papi because the Kimpton EPIC Hotel in Downtown Miami has a new game day cabana experience that is so luxurious, people who don’t know the first rules about sports will become diehard fans.

I’m not sure what we’re cheering for, but … go team!

Robert Murray: “We are big, big, big Miami Hurricanes fans in the house and diehard Dolphin fans.”

And even I could tell you, this…

Emilio Santaella: “Elevated and unique Miami-style game-day experience.”

Better yet, call it epic, because with a new game day cabana experience, starting Sept. 10, at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel in Downtown Miami.

Emilio Santaella: “Are available Saturdays and Sundays through the college football and NFL season.”

Everyone’s a winner, even if they’re, um, not.

Just picture it, all the way up on the 16th fl… wait! What in the…

Emilio Santaella: “50,000 square foot pool deck.”

Is this paradise, right on the river?!

Robert Murray: “I mean, it’s gorgeous. We’re here in the middle of downtown, so it’s the best of both worlds.”

Just check right into your very own poolside cabana, with dedicated staff.

Emilio Santaella: “So, that way, you get to relax and be pampered all day long.”

Then it’s game day meets vacay.

Ingrid Duasso: “I have a change of scenery from my house. My boyfriend can watch the game, and I can get some sun by the pool.”

As early as 8 a.m., and through the game, enjoy a 65-inch TV, plus $300 in food — ummm, barbecue chicken — and beverage credit!

Alex Miranda: “So you’re telling me I can have $300 of beer if I want?”

Emilio Santaella: “$300 of champagne if you like.”

Or any of their signature cocktails, like the Miami Mule.

Emilio Santaella: “It has vodka, ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and we also blend it in with coconut water.”

Just bring your hat, sunglasses and team spirit!

If the halftime entertainment is your thing, how about this Hershey’s Kiss for the love birds?

Ingrid Duasso: “I was a cheerleader when I was little, so football is our Sunday.”

But this dol-fan knows, rivalries can get heated.

Alex Miranda: “Are you team Cardi or team Nicki?”

Ingrid Duasso: “I had a change of fandom, and I am team Cardi.”

Oof… but can’t we all agree on this seafood tower? with…

Emilio Santaella: “Crab legs, lobster, shrimp, ceviche, poke, all the works!”

One cabana, for up to seven people, will run you $600 — straight to the end zone!

Robert Murray: “It’s almost like an epic experience.”

For More Info:

Kimpton EPIC Hotel
270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131

To Book the EPIC HOTEL’s Game Day Cabana Experience, click here.

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