Disney’s “Encanto” is in theaters now. Even though it’s set in Colombia, the movie’s got a SoFlo connection. In fact, one of the voice stars is from here in Miami. We’re hitting the high notes with Jessica Darrow.

Jessica Darrow (singing): “She was not the one who take the bait, it was a fail at escape.”

Jessica Darrow is ready to show the world what she can do.

Jessica Darrow (singing): “She would stay, but she can’t stay the same.”

The actress is Miami born and bred.

Jessica Darrow: “Three-oh-five til I die!”

And she’s got a lot of love for her hometown.

Jessica Darrow: “Ay, we’re putting 305 on the map, baby!”

Jessica is one of the voice stars of Disney’s new animated film, “Encanto.” It’s about a Latin family with magical powers. She plays Luisa, who has super strength.

Character in “Encanto”: “Luisa, the piano goes upstairs.”

Jessica Darrow (as Luisa Madrigal, voice): “I’m on it.”

Jessica Darrow: “Luisa, my characte,r is so close to me. We are the same person. We are both tough crybabies all the way. I’m funny. I can be sarcastic, but I’m really just a big ol’ crybaby on the inside, and I’m here to connect with people, and I think Luisa really wants that as well.”

Jessica auditioned for “Encanto” right before the pandemic, and she says getting to be part of a Disney movie has been a dream come true.

Jessica Darrow: “Poof. Every day, it’s like poof, and ‘please don’t pinch me,’ because I never want this feeling to stop.”

She also feels like she got the best of both worlds, because she gets to act and sing in the film.

Jessica Darrow: “I’m literally Hannah Montana right now, and it feels amazing. I honestly never – I didn’t think I was gonna be singing in this capacity again.”

It still blows her mind that she gets to sing a song written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who she first met back when she was back in high school.

Jessica Darrow: “I just start freaking out, I start crying. He’s like, ‘No llores, no llores,’ and I’m like, ‘Please, please let me take a picture with you.'”

Don’t worry. They’re totally buds now.

Jessica Darrow: “It’s crazy how full circle this is, and how amazing and lucky and fortunate I feel.”

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