The weekend’s almost here — time to chill and hit the grill. If firing up a bunch of tasty sausages is your thing, this is your lucky day. Deco’s found a place known for selling homemade links that are fine, fresh and free of all that bad stuff.

Sausages are no joke … especially not to this guy. He’s Walter Voos. He owns Emil’s European Sausage Kitchen in Deerfield Beach. And he wants to keep you happy and healthy.

Walter Voos: “Since we use no preservatives —  no MSG, no flour, no sugar, no nitrate — we try to say our stuff is good for you.”

Emil’s started life in Pompano Beach in the mid-1950s. Walter and his wife have been running things at the current location since 2007. Their plan is to provide South Florida with authentic cuisine from the old country…

Walter Voos: “All the recipes are actually hand-me-down recipes. They’re all European recipes.”

Walter’s brought those time-honored recipes up to today’s standards…

Walter Voos: “Took a lot of the fat out, put a lot of the lean in. Took a lot of the bad stuff out for you.”

Offering a cleaner, more natural product hasn’t gone unnoticed by Walter’s clientle…

Walter Voos: “We have a lot of customers that come in and say, ‘I don’t have any more allergies when I eat your product.’ ‘I don’t have anymore migraines when I have your product. Why is that?’ Well, that’s because we don’t use those chemicals in there.”

Yves Duplana: “I’m very health-conscious, and one of the things that we like about these products are that they are freshly-made and they don’t use preservatives and chemicals so we are guaranteed of the quality of the product.”

Here’s how Walter makes his homemade sausage. Ground-up veal and a mix of spices go into the emulsifier, chopping the meat into a paste. It’s on to the sausage-making machine and BOOM … links a-plenty.

Then they hit hot water.

Walter Voos: “Twenty minutes, they’re cooked fully through when you re-heat them at home, all it takes is 10 minutes.”

A 10-minute ice bath stops the cooking, and these big boys are ready for the public. But you’d better freeze them or eat ’em fast…

Walter Voos: “All of our products that we make here, we don’t recommend to keep them around longer than three days because we don’t have all these preservatives in there.”

You can find authentic German products and breads on the shelves. There’s also a ton of pâte, bacon, cold cuts and other delights to sample. Walter offered a sound reason for checking out Emil’s Sausage Kitchen.

Walter Voos: “Because you haven’t had our best ’til you’ve had our wurst.”


Emil’s Sausage Kitchen
124 N Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach, Fl 33441
(954) 422-5565

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