Forget rocking around the Christmas tree. Sometimes you just gotta take a stroll down Candy Cane Lane instead.

Eddie Murphy’s got a new Christmas movie dropping this week, and Hollywood rolled out its red carpet.

Eddie Murphy (as Chris Carver): “Everybody listen. This is important. I’m gonna show you guys something, and when I show you what I’m gonna show you, don’t freak out.”

Uhhh, it’s kinda hard not to freak out when Eddie Murphy’s got a new movie coming out.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Eddie Murphy: “I’m very excited. I’ve never done a Christmas movie before.”

The cast of “Candy Cane Lane” was feeling merry and bright as they hit the red carpet for the film’s world premiere in L.A.

Eddie plays a family man who unknowingly makes a deal with an evil elf to win a house decorating contest. Cue the hijinks!

Eddie Murphy: “This is a great, unique thing to do, and it came out good, I think.”

Tracee Ellis Ross, who stars as his wife, says working with the actor was an absolute joy.

Tracee Ellis Ross: “Like the rest of the world, I’ve been a fan of Eddie’s forever. He’s so funny and so talented, but the thing that I got to experience that was really special is he’s also just a wonderfully generous actor and a really sweet person.”

“Candy Cane Lane” may be a comedy, but it’s not your typical holiday film.

Nick Offerman and Jillian Bell say that’s what makes it fun.

Nick Offerman: “I can’t wait for people to see it ’cause it’s an incredible new twist on the Christmas movie.”

Jillian Bell: “I think it’s surprising how action-packed it is, and there’s a little bit of horror, but just enough for kids to be able to still watch it.”

As for Chris Redd and Mr. Murphy, they’re just happy to have a new movie to share with their families during the most wonderful time of the year.

Chris Redd: “I’m just glad I get to have a movie that my little cousins can watch, ’cause I’m not really PG in my comedy.”

Eddie Murphy: “The Christmas movies, you wanna be able to watch them over and over again, you know, every Christmas, so I think they can watch this like that.”

Eddie Murphy (as Chris Carver): “Point taken.”

“Candy Cane Lane” drops on Amazon Prime Video on Friday.

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