Art Basel isn’t all paintings and sculptures — it’s also about fashion. Sure, custom-made Italian suits can’t hurt any man’s closet, but we know a place in Coral Gables adding a splash of style. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who will never let that navy suit die, has the story.

It’s my lucky charm — only three holes in three years. The House of Suits is thinking out the box and in the gallon — of paint, because that’s what they’ll pour all over you for a one-of-a-kind, red carpet-ready look, that’ll really turn heads.

Paint isn’t just for Picasso.

Alex Miranda: “It’s no longer just the jacket, right? Now it’s something else.”

Abisai Hernandez: “It’s walking art.”

At the House of Suits in Coral Gables…

Ivan Valdes: “We wanted to give our customers something that didn’t exist in Miami.”

Which co-owner Abi calls…

Abisai Hernandez: “A fancy man cave. We hang out, we drink.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, it’s coffee.”

A little splash of color never hurt anybody.

Abisai Hernandez: “I love the concept of the paint just like bleeding down.”

But it can be…

Alex Miranda: “Cold! Oh!”

More on that later.

Abisai Hernandez: “The first dinner jacket, it hurt to paint it, but it looks so much better now, and it photographs really well.”

Even on the red carpet at the Latin Grammys.

Abisai Hernandez: “Randy Malcom of Gente de Zona, he wore a purple suit painted with white paint.”

Or at your next shindig.

Abisai Hernandez: “I have an event. I have a black-tie affair. I have a New Year’s party.”

Alex Miranda: “You are going to be the one who stands out.”

So get creative … like one family man who came in for his 40th birthday.

Abisai Hernandez: “We have his two kids’ hand prints and then his wife’s in the middle.”

Is this Home Depot?

Alex Miranda: “All right, so Sherwin Williams? Benjamin Moore?”

Ivan Valdes: “It’s BEHR.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, perfect! I needed these for my baseboards.”

But tailored art isn’t the only service here.

Ivan Valdes: “You get something off the rack, it’s completely custom tailored to you.”

Starting at $400, the House of Suits will fit you like a glove.

Ivan Vales: “It’s a completely different experience altogether. Then, we go into the custom made.”

Those at $1,200…

Abisai Hernandez: “You choose the fabric. You choose the lining. You choose the design.”

Ivan Valdes: “It gets sent to Italy.”

Alex Miranda: “Every man that just heard you say that is like, ‘Yes, yes, yes!'”

And for an extra charge…

Alex Miranda: “The materials. This is high-end stuff, and so the paint getting splattered on.”

Abisai Hernandez: “It’s almost like… [gasps]”

No kidding!

Abisai Hernandez: “All right, Alex, let’s go!”

Alex Miranda: “No, Abi, not yet! Please!”

Abisai Hernandez: “Just trust me!”

Alex Miranda: “But it’s a John Varvatos.”

Forget the coffee.

Abisai Hernandez: “Alex, relax. Have a glass.”

Alex Miranda: “OK, I trust you. Oh, God, here we go.”

Ivan Valdes: “You wanted Deco colors? You got Deco colors.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my … Oh, it’s cold!”

Speaking of temperature…

Alex Miranda: “This is so cool! This is chic! I mean, it looks stylish!”

But what do I put on the back?

Ivan Valdes: “Deco Drive.”

Abisai Hernandez: “Yeah, sure. ‘Deco Drive.”

Ivan Valdes: “Here, you’re going to to get some brownie points for this.”

Abisai Hernandez: “Yeah…”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, for sure.”

Oh, we’re done?

Alex Miranda: “Awesome! They’re going to love it.”

The tailored art service, including one of their Italian suits, starts at $1,500. They shut the whole store down for you, or you can just buy a suit there and not paint it. Up to you.


House of Suits
1520 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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