Having dogs is a social experience. In downtown Miami, “yappy hour” and movie night are really elevating movie time.

As many of us know, movies with dogs are just like movies of dogs.

Like at Silverspot Cinema in downtown Miami for Dog Date Movie Night by Doggizen.

Sara Velasquez : “It’s really kind of like a luxury experience.”

On select nights, with movies starting at 7:30 p.m., like “Dog Gone.”

After an hour-long “yappy” hour.

Sara Velasquez: “We bring some local, amazing vendors. Have a drink. maybe have a bite to eat.”

She’s talking about the pups, too.

Lisset: Crazy, super calm. It’s great. It’s great; it’s like yin and yang.”

But, will this dog house go madhouse?

Sara Velasquez: “They behave very well. Once the lights are off, it’s kind of like sleepy time.”

Except for maybe Winston.

Brenna: “He is so loud, but also calm and so loving.”

Make friends.

Alejandra: “We get to know the community that enjoy taking their dogs out more than just the walk.”

Alex Miranda: “Are you really as mean as you look?”

Dog: “People be like, ‘You always lookin’ so mean. Why you always lookin’ so mean?’ Cause I am. Cause I am.”

Find love?

Alex Miranda: “You have something to say to him?”

Dog 2: “I love you. Ahh, you set my soul on fire.”

Alex Miranda: “A true love story. I love you, too.”

But not more than my foster.

Sara Velasquez: “Alex.”

Alex Miranda: “Cats aren’t invited?”

Sara Velasquez: “Dog movie night is just for dogs.”

Alex Miranda: “You’re saying that Juniper isn’t cute enough for your little event?”

Sara Velasquez: “Juniper is adorable, I love her, but…”

Alex Miranda: “You know what? It’s like, dogs get everything.”

Sara Velasquez: I know, but…”

Cat: “What was the reason? What was the reason?”

All canines can come, unless they’re aggressive, in heat or have behavioral issues.

Sara Velasquez: “Keep them at home.”

Emotional issues are fine.

Alex Miranda: “As a golden retriever, I know you’re always happy, but what makes you unhappy?”

Dog: “I hate it that you’re not around and the fact that you didn’t call, but mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

And, there might be accidents.

Sara Velasquez: “But nothing we can’t handle.”

Especially with potty stations placed inside and outside the theater.

Sara Velasquez: “So humans don’t have to go out to the street.”

Tickets are $20 per seat, so lap dogs can actually save you money for once.

Sara Velasquez: “Everybody’s in a great mood.”

Their next Dog Date Movie Night is Feb. 12.

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