Today is National Braid Your Hair Day, even if you’re bald. OK, that’s not true; we just needed something to say about braids and why celebrities are sparking new trends, and we just did.

The car is quiet, but the braids are screaming for attention in Queen Latifah’s “End of the Road.”

They’re also a fave look for Kim Kardashian and stars like Zendaya, Keke Palmer and Alicia Keys.

Celebrities are bringing out braids with brand-new twists, and in Miami Shores, stylist Deborah Joseph, aka DJ Styles, says it’s a hairdo anyone can rock.

Deborah Joseph: “Since, maybe you can say 2020, it’s been a huge shift where every girl in every shade is consistently coming in for their braids.”

Braids can thank TikTok for helping reignite the hair trend.

Deborah Joseph: “Just like everything, there’s a good and the bad, but social media has helped braids.”

With braids taking center stage on social media, DJ has never been busier.

Deborah Joseph: “People I thought I’d never braid before are getting braids. Not only have more and more people wanted to get involved with braiding — it’s not just the Black community anymore — it’s every woman, in every shade, in every culture, that are actually repping these braids.”

How about spicing your braids up with colorful extensions?

Deborah Joseph: “Braids being a form of self-expression, now we can wear color and add colors to that.”

Different colors and different styles.

Deborah Joseph: “Bantu knots, stitch cornrows — everybody loves stitch right now it’s the defined parting with the cornrows, it’s the go-to look. We’re gonna do a couple of Fulani braids, which are braids going to the front, with some beads.”

Remember, don’t get tied up in knots when it comes to SoFlo’s humidity because there’s bound to be a braid that’s just your style.

Deborah Joseph: “It helps braiders have more of a place here, and we get to exercise what we love, do what we love while making a living for ourselves.”

DJ Styles Braiding Salon
11900 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 110, Salon #5
Miami Shores, FL 33181

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