DJ Khaled is all about the music, but he’s not only about the music. That’s why the superstar needed a whole day to drop all his news. Here’s Alex Miranda with all the deets about what the rapper and record producer has been up to.

Feb. 9, 2023, is DJ Khaled Day.

DJ Khaled: “Three-oh-five, Miami, baby!”

The world-famous Miami rapper and mogul was just given the keys to the cities of Miami and Miami Beach … and that was just the beginning at his W South Beach press conference, Thursday.

Alex Miranda: “Literally, it is your day. How are you feeling right now?”

DJ Khaled: “I feel great, man. I mean, representing Miami, 305, I just came back from the Grammys to perform that record and touch the people. That will forever be documented, and as the 50-year anniversary of hip-hop.”

It was the perfect time to announce his new creative partnership with Def Jam Recording, where he promises…

DJ Khaled: “Some big anthems, you know what I’m saying? We’re gonna create music, working on a new album, and I’m excited.”

Now, we already know this about Khaled, but he’s also got…

Alex Miranda: “The best philanthropy, right? Like, you’re killing it.”

Speaker at DJ Khaled Day news conference: “DJ Khaled has done a scholarship with Rock Nation School of Music, Sports and Entertainment, a full four-year ride to give someone a bachelor’s degree. This is actually you going to Long Island University and graduating.”

As part of We The Best Foundation.

DJ Khaled: “I’m super proud, obviously, but just the foundation growing, that’s the blessing.”

Alex Miranda: “We’ve got to grow our wardrobe, too, and our show collection, Look at how lame I am with these horrendous dress shoes.”

I guess we’ll just have to walk on over to his upcoming We The Best Snipes store on Collins Avenue.

Speaker at DJ Khaled Day news conference: “His first idea was, ‘Let’s call it the We The Best Snipes Superstore by DJ Khaled.’ I said, ‘This name might be a little bit too long.'”

Alex Miranda: “You’ve got to hook me up.”

DJ Khaled: “I got you, I got you.”

But, as a collaborator with Rihanna, who’s performing at the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday, does he have another announcement to make?

Alex Miranda: “Are you going to be walking on that stage?”

DJ Khaled: “I don’t tell nobody’s business, but I’m gonna tell you this: I’m definitely going to be watching. It’s going to be legendary. It’s Rihanna. She’s a beautiful person, and I know she’s gonna make history, and I’m excited, man, because I’ve always wanted to see her perform at the Super Bowl. Me as a fan of her music.”

Almost 30 years in the Magic City, he still remembers…

DJ Khaled: “In my early days, just hanging out at the 183rd Street Flea Market selling mix tapes out of the truck.”

Because, keys or no keys, one thing we know about Khaled is that he’s going to rep our city.

DJ Khaled: “It’s what we do: we wave our flag, 305, baby.”

Snipes says they’re also going to contribute to the local community by going through the We The Best Foundation.

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