Like history, fashion always repeats itself, and one of the most popular trends from the ’90s and 2000s is making a comeback. Bucket hats are in style again, and one Miami store has some colorful styles you won’t get enough of.

Devious Elements Apparel has all the bucket hats you need to get your outfit on trend and standing out in the crowd, and we checked out the looks at Wynwood Buggies.

From Robert Denver on “Gilligan’s Island” in the ’60s…

Alan Hale Jr. (as Skipper): “And what did you do, Gilligan?”

Robert Denver (as Gilligan): “I wrapped them up real nice and dry with the rubber the professor made.”

To LL Cool J In the 2000s.

LL Cool J (rapping): “This is hard to say, I want to make sure I go about this in the right way.”

Even the Backstreet Boys brought them back for their music video “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

The bucket hat trend is back, and the hottest celebs can’t get enough of them.

Brad Pitt (as Ladybug): “Oh, I see what you’re doing. Ladybugs are supposed to be lucky. Haha.”

Sandra Bullock (as Maria): “You don’t have bad luck.”

Brad Pitt (as Ladybug): “Really?”

Tony Firpi: “Everyone’s been rocking this style from Bad Bunny, to Brad Pitt in his latest movie, to Rihanna.”

Now, you can relive the style with a bucket hat from Devious Elements Apparel.

Tony Firpi: “The bucket hat is a very versatile accessory. Not only is it something that can give you a little bit of a cover from that sun on a festival day, but it’s also something you can dress up.”

The hat designs are all from local artists in Miami.

Tony Firpi: “Devious Elements represents a lot more fun, a lot more color. Artists are creating this from my designs, but also other artist that I collaborate with.”

Three oh five like Wynwood Buggies.

Tony Firpi: “When you wear a hat, any kind of hat, whether it’s a bucket hat or not, you really want to be able to see it from across the room.”

You can see these from a mile away and wear them in more than one way.

Tony Firpi: “Rock them in a reversible style, which we carry on our website. It has a fun print on the outside.”

Give it a little flip to reveal.

Tony Firpi: “A clean print ,something a lot more solid, if you don’t want that real busy look to it.”

Whether you’re using it to stay out of the sun, tying your look together, or stopping a few assassins from taking your briefcase.

Brad Pitt (as Ladybug): Sorry, buddy. Come here!”

Tony Firpi: “It’s definitely the way to get noticed. I mean who doesn’t want to go up to the guy or the woman who has that cool bucket hat on that’s a little different from your typical style?”

Devious Elements Apparel

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