Let’s face it: when it comes to comfort food, pizza and cheeseburgers are at the top of the list. What if we told you there’s a brand-new place in town serving up excellent versions of both? Prepare to be ecstatic, because Emmy Squared has finally arrived in SoFlo.

Don’t be frightened. Dinosaurs are only part of the charm at Fort Lauderdale’s Emmy Squared Pizza.

Karin Salinas: “Emmy Squared is our neighborhood restaurant that brings a combination of delectable, craveable flavors in a fun, light, casual atmosphere.”

Their claim to fame is a four-cornered foodie fantasy.

Karin Salinas: “So we are Detroit-style pizza, and Detroit style, the signature Detroit-style pizza, is in a square pan.”

The shape isn’t the only way to recognize this Motor City marvel. First of all, there’s the frico crust.

Karin Salinas: “Which is sort of that fried cheese crust that we see in the corners.”

Then, there are the parallel lines of goodness. Pizza fans, start your engines.

Karin Salinas: “Aside from its crust is the two racing stripes of the sauce in the center.”

You can create your own pizza, or check out tried-and-true versions, like the Vodka or Nashville Hot Chicken Pie.

Then again, there is the king of the kitchen.

Karin Salinas: “So our Colony Pizza’s our top seller. It’s a very unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors. We have pepperoni, pickled jalapeños; it goes through the cooking process, and then, when it comes out, we top it with honey.”

One item that is not square is the Le Big Matt Burger. All this big boy has going for it is flavor to the max.

Karin Salinas: “It’s a double-stacked, grass-fed burger with cheese and the special Sammy sauce in a pretzel bun.”

Le Big Matt has won le big accolades wherever it’s been.

Karin Salinas: “It is an award-winning burger in New York and Tennessee and Kentucky and Georgia and Birmingham.”

South Florida was a natural landing spot for this place.

Karin Salinas: “So, Florida and Fort Lauderdale in particular has a thriving culinary scene, which is something that we like to be a part of.”

As far as the dinosaurs are concerned, they go wherever Emmy goes.

Karin Salinas: “And they made their first appearance in our very first location, when budgets were tight and we had to get creative with decor, and that is where our dinosaurs come in.”

Jose Monterosso: “It’s great. It’s one of the best things that could probably happen here in Fort Lauderdale, and I’m glad to have a good choice of variety of pizza here.”

Emmy Squared Pizza
468 N Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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