Is it really fall if there isn’t a scary movie playing at the movie theaters? Luckily for horror fans, “The Conjuring” series has something spooky up their sleeve … or habit, in this case. The demonic sister from “The Nun” is back for Round 2, so you might want to keep the lights on.

This is no “Sister Act.” This is “The Nun II.”

Michael Chaves: “The exorcism of Maurice in ‘Conjuring 2,’ we realize that, that that possession was actually the demon Valak, and she manifests as a nun in that film. We learn more about her in ‘The Nun’ spinoff, and this is a continuation of it.”

Taissa Farmiga (as Sister Irene): “This thing, it’s come back for me.”

Peter Hudson (as Father Ridley): “This demon was once an angel.”

Taissa Farmiga returns as Sister Irene, and if the name Farmiga sounds familiar, it’s because her big sis Vera is also a veteran of “The Conjuring” movie chain.

Taissa Farmiga: “Irene thought she left Valak in her past. Out of nowhere, she gets a call from the cardinal.”

David Horovitch (as Cardinal Conroy): “Sister Irene, you performed a miracle. The church needs another.”

Taissa Farmiga: “The demon has used her old friend’s body to escape Romania.”

Irene’s troubles don’t just end with Valak. There’s more demons waiting in the shadows, ready for their time to shine.

Michael Chaves: “It’s also filled with demonic forms that we haven’t seen before.”

Tying the films and stories together was not easy.

Michael Chaves: ‘The Conjuring’ Universe is 10 years strong this year. It’s been 10 years building up to this moment, and I grew up on horror movies, love horror movies. And when I saw that first movie, that first ‘Conjuring’ movie, it was like I was watching a horror movie for the first time.”

Taissa Farmiga: “It really starts to connect characters from ‘The Conjuring’ Universe and bring them together.”

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