South Florida music fans have been digging the sounds coming out of Jamaica and the UK, for a long time.

It gets even better when performers from both countries join forces.

A pair of singers have come together to create a cool sound, their names are Omi and Lahrel.

Deco caught up with them at Plum House studios to witness their talents first-hand.

Lahrel: “My name is Lahrel and I’m from London, UK and my name is Omi and I’m from Jamaica.”

Omi and Lahrel have just released “Witness”, their first collab.

They’ve been wanting to do this ever since she opened for him on tour.

Lahrel: “We did a world tour, traveled the world, we were just like jamming on tour and writing songs and performing, and it was amazing.”

The reason for that tour was Omi’s mega-hit, “Cheerleader”. It was love at first sound for him.

Omi: “There was always a lot of chemistry, I’ve always loved her voice.”

Omi and Lahrel wrote “Witness” together. The song was actually meant to be a solo number but it became a duet by accident.

Omi: “It was created for her and what I did was, I would like demo parts of it, and they said loved my voice on the record, they decided to keep the parts that I demoed.”

“Witness” should be the first of many duets to come from these singers.

Omi: “I don’t think it will be a one-off.”

Lahrel: “No, we could do more, you can’t get rid of me.”

Omi: “I’m pretty much stuck with her.”

Omi’s ready to write and produce for himself and other artists.

Meanwhile, Lahrel’s just released her new single, “Woman No Cry”, it’s a showcase for all the styles she loves.

Lahrel: “I pull from a lot of different genres but also being from London, it’s such a multi-cultural city, so my music is just like a melting pot of just my influences and cultures that I see.”

Don’t be surprised if these two make their way back to So-Flo to do some work.

Omi: “Everybody meets here it’s like a rendezvous point for everybody here to come together and make music.”

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