It’s time to dust off those Christmas CDs or switch that holiday playlist on your Spotify, because it is true what they say: the classics never go out of style.

But this year, you’re getting some new music from one of your favorite old artists. Eighties teen queen Debbie Gibson wants to rule your holidays. She just dropped her first Christmas album.

Debbie Gibson (singing): “Now, only in my dreams, as real as it may seem, it was only in my dreams.”

You might remember pop queen Debbie Gibson from her “Only in My Dreams” era. (I love that song.) But now…

Debbie Gibson (singing): “Fresh as angels in the snow. Oh-oh, so make a brand-new start this Christmas.”

Debbie is back with a brand-new album just in time for the holiday season.

Debbie Gibson (singing): “Smiles on the faces of the fans in the crowd.”

“Christmas Star” is an original song from her very first Christmas album, called “Winterlicious.”

Debbie Gibson (singing): “Forgive the past and just move on. Yesterday, hey, that is gone, carry on.”

Gibson said this is the kind of album that she would hear nonstop.

Debbie Gibson: “‘Winterlicious’ is like the holiday album that I would want to listen to as a holiday music fan.”

Debbie Gibson (singing): “This new story’s yours and yours alone to write, so bring it on, the remix of your life, whoa.”

She also said she loved playing around with different sounds.

Debbie Gibson: “I love albums that kind of encompass all the styles and give you all the feels, so it’s everything from a 36-piece orchestra to horn sections to super modern current production sound. It’s pretty much half originals and half classics.”

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