Comedy is flying again: Dave Burd is back. The third season of his self-titled series kicked off Wednesday night on FXX. Deco caught up with the funnyman to find out what kind of craziness we can expect-ex-ex.

In Season 3 of “Dave,” Dave Burd hits the road for the first time as a rap artist.

GaTa (as himself): “It’s your first tour. You’re supposed to go hard.”

Going hard isn’t really what he does best.

Dave Burd (as himself): “I’m trying to briing back the old school flow, like, ‘My name’s Dave, and I’m here to say.'”

Dave’s love of hip-hop is real. His rap name is Lil Dicky, and the video for his song “Ex-Boyfriend” has over million views.

Dave Byrd (as Lil Dicky, singing): “And I ain’t usually the one to be the jealous type, but as I’m looking at this dude, I can’t believe my eyes.”

So Dave’s definitely got game, but for the sake of the show, he ‘s set himself an unreachable career goal.

Dave Burd: “Somehow I’ve kind of stumbled into the true reality that I believe I can be one of the best rappers alive, which I know is a ridiculous thing to say, but that’s what the show is about.”

He’s not worried about running out of material. He’s got plenty saved up.

Dave Burd: “I write everything down. When I was on tour, like five years ago, man, I was making a list, and every time my friend said something funny, I’d write it down. Every time I had a funny weird fan interaction, I’d write it down.”

All that writing that he did on tour did not go to waste.

Dave Burd: “And then, when I’m making this season, I go back to that list that I have, and it’s like 50 pages long, and I’m picking spots and being, ‘Let’s put that here, this there.’ They say write what you know; there’s nothing I know better than my own life.”

Dave gets help from some big names this season, including Don Cheadle and Usher, and that blows his mind.

Dave Burd: “The people that I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate this season with — my voice cracked; that’s how excited I am about these people — it’s like the child in me can’t even fathom or wrap his head around what’s going on.”

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