Haven’t gotten any hanky-panky in way too long? Join the club, but also we have a new movie just for you. No, not that kind. Actually, Emma Thompson stars. It’s called “Good Luck To You, Leo Grande,” about a woman who says, “You know what? I want mine too.”

It’s never too late to rediscover yourself, and by that we mean all of yourself.

Emma Thompson: “Bring the pleasure on.”

Oh, yeah, we’re going there today. In “Good Luck To You, Leo Grande,” a retired widow, played by the one, the only Emma Thompson.

Alex Miranda: “What is it like to sit next to the queen of England, Emma Thompson?”

Daryl McCormack: “It feels amazing.”

Emma Thompson: “Can you just go on about that for a bit longer?”

Hires a smokin’ hot sex worker, played by newcomer Daryl McCormack.

Daryl McCormack: “We’re told that it’s unnatural to be in our nakedness, and it’s not.”

Nancy is looking for just one night of pleasure after an unfulfilling married life but instead discovers…

Emma Thompson: “A kind of lifetime, life-changing experience, for both of us, actually.”

…And not just for the characters. The cast were fully nude, even during rehearsals.

Daryl McCormack: “I feel very proud of the work we got to do together, and in the capacity that we got to work: very intimately.”

But adjusted quite quickly.

Emma Thompson: “Everything’s quite sort of normalized after a while. It doesn’t take too long, oddly enough.”

Talk about an ice breaker.

Emma Thompson: “There’s nothing else left to do. You’re not going to then take your skin off and, you know, reveal your skeleton.”

But actually, that’s the whole point of the film.

Emma Thompson: “This is her body and, actually, it’s all she’s got, and as such it’s the most wonderful vessel because she can finally feel pleasure in it.”

She learns to enjoy her body after seeing herself through a neutral lens…

Emma Thompson: “That’s all that you need. You don’t need to sort of go, ‘Oh, my God. My body is the best thing I’ve ever seen.'”

… and learning to strip the judgement.

Emma Thompson: “You don’t have to look at yourself and go, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t live this. This is just so awful.’ It’s just such a waste of time.”

Even though it is hard for us to break those old habits.

Alex Miranda: “As I cheat to my better side, it’s like, ‘No, accept all sides.'”

“Good Luck To You, Leo Grande” starts streaming tomorrow on Hulu.

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