Miami Spice is changing things up this year, they’ve leveled up to five courses instead of three.

And here’s a couple of spots we can’t wait to devour.

Miami Spice is beefing up their restaurant line-up this year.

Mariana Kellogg: “With Miami Spice, you can visit a wide variety of restaurants at a great price point. this year we already have over 200 participants. We’ve got Orno, Tur, Bellmont, Cote, Key Club, name it. This year we have a new program launch called the signature dining experiences.”

With this signature dining experience, foodies will get to partake in five tasty courses, instead of the basic three.

Mariana Kellogg: “Tur is offering a signature dining experience in partnership with Woodford Reserve where they’re offering the whiskey pairing along with their five-course dining pre-fix menu.”

Tur Kitchen at Coral Gables is turning up the heat with a menu inspired by the coast.

Luca Delogu: “We take our guests for a journey throughout the Mediterranean. We love Miami Spice and we’ve been participating in it since day one. This is a great opportunity to actually be able to display some of our signature dishes.”

The five courses include…

Luca Delogu: “We have an amuse bouche, which kind of sets the mood. It’s a welcome to Tur Kitchen and to this beautiful experience. Then we have two appetizers, main course and a dessert. One of the appetizers is actually one of the iconic appetizers on the menu. It’s roasted squid. An explosion of flavors.

And bourbon is on their mind.

Luca Delogu: “The main course we use a skirt steak. We serve it with asparagus and farro, which is an emmer wheat grain. The drink, Woodford Reserve bourbon is actually infused with allspice, cardamon, clove and thyme syrup as well. So it’s a beautiful pairing. As I said earlier it’s all about the experience.”

And the magic city doesn’t disappoint.

Alloy Bistro is also taking part in the five-course bite-to-bite.

Claudio Genovese: “We’re a hidden gem. Mostly for locals and foodies. And if you’re looking for romantic vibes that’s the place to be.”

This intimate spot will leave you guessing.

But come hungry because you will take on two appetizers, two main courses and a dessert.

Claudio Genovese: “You will taste a few ideas off our menu. That will be a blind taste. The server will ask you if you have any food allergies or food intolerance. And based on that the chef will send you some dishes that could be pasta obviously. Most likely cacio e pepe with truffle.”

Or you can get the branzino.

Regardless, you will be in good hands.

Claudio Genovese: “We use the freshest and the best ingredient we can get on the market from meat to seafood everything is top of the line.”

Mariana Kellogg: “There’s no better time to have that excuse to indulge in that restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out that you haven’t yet because there’s value behind it and now there are unique experiences.”

Miami Spice is going on right now until the end of September.

Miami Spice

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