The Mayfair Hotel would like you to be their guest. The iconic Coconut Grove hotel is back, and it’s featuring the kind of fresh changes you can only get with two years of renovations.

The Mayfair Hotel is once again the mayfair-est of them all. The landmark hotel looks new again — thanks to a face-lift that defies its decades in Miami.

Chris Hudnall: “The Mayfair Hotel was one of the first staple luxury hotels within Miami. There’s a lot of old memories that were made here, and we hope that you come back and make some more.”

The Mayfair’s new owners thought it was time for an update, but they were set on keeping the hotel’s unique charm.

Chris Hudnall: “It’s the type of hotel that – they just don’t build these anymore.”

If you’ve been here before, you probably remember the original wood carving on the main door.

Chris Hudnall: “Really, all of those things that really impressed people about the Mayfair back in the day, which are still impressive now. Because like I said, they don’t really build properties like this anymore.”

They’ve updated the garden, which you can see from every floor.

Chris Hudnall: “There was also an elevator cab that wasn’t working, so we converted that elevator cab into a very small bar.”

The rooms are completely made over: a fully renovated bathroom, a larger bed and a clawfoot tub where you can soak it all in.

Chris Hudnall: “I think for, probably, the Mayfair, let’s say 20 years ago, you would come in, you would see these beautiful gardens, you would see beautiful architecture, a rooftop bar, but nothing really to drive the culinary experience of everything.”

Food is definitely a driving force at the Mayfair. Over on the rooftop, there’s Sip Sip, which stands for gossip in Bahamian, so come and spill the tea.

Chris Hudnall: “It’s really a fun, playful menu, you know, really, stuff that you would eat in South Florida and the Bahamas.”

Ashley Vergara, guest: “It’s beautiful. Upstairs is gorgeous, it’s a great view, and here is like very intimate and nice.”

Mayfair House Hotel & Garden
3000 Florida Ave.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

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