Clink! Clink! Holiday coquito drinks served at Havana 1957

It’s that time of year of Christmas carols, packed malls and gift-buying stress. If you need a little break from all that, a holiday cocktail might get you in the mood. Deco’s taking a trip around the world and trying out some tasty holiday drinks. Tonight, we’re trying out a Latin favorite!

If you want to experience Cuban culture, Havana 1957 is a good place to start.

Carlos Proenza, Havana 1957: “This is about a 360-degree experience about the Cuban culture.”

Now the restaurant’s South Beach location is getting into the holiday spirit with coquito!

Carlos Proenza: “The ‘C’ is synonymous of the Latin culture. It’s a very nice drink, it’s a very traditional drink.”

The drink originated in Puerto Rico but is now enjoyed all over Latin America.


Two coquitos please!

Carlos Proenza: “It’s very simple to make. Coconut cream, it’s very smooth. Then we add two ounces of Havana Club made in Puerto Rico. Shake a little bit.”

*Carlos shakes the drink*

Carlos Proenza: “You garnish with some whipped cream, cinnamon powder and cinnamon stick, and enjoy your coquito.”

Customer 1: “I taste coconut, I taste the cream and I taste the liquor. It’s really amazing.”

Customer 2: “It’s awesome. Really brings back that Christmas spirit.”

In a world of holiday drinks, coquito could just be the cream of the crop.

Carlos Proenza: “We’re gonna have it here until New Year, and it can be drank by itself or with a meal.”

Havana 1957
819 Lincoln Rd.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 763-8671

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