Get ready to give Mother Earth a big hug, because Earth Day is a few days away. It’s the day we pay extra attention to how we can clean up the planet.

This weekend, SoFlo is going green and cleaning up other people’s messes. We promise it’ll be a blast. There will be food, fun and drinks, too.

Earth to humans: go green and get clean.

Sophia Ringel, Clean Miami Beach: “Clean Miami Beach hosts weekly beach clean-ups, but this Friday is Earth Day, so it’s an extra special clean-up to celebrate.”

Clean Miami Beach wants everyone to get trashed. You know, get trash off the side of the road.

Sophia Ringel: “The clean-up is on Julia Tuttle Causeway, which connects Miami mainland to Miami Beach, and it’s not an official beach, but it’s always very polluted.”

The good deed comes with a reward.

Emi Guerra, Co-Founder, Breakwater Hospitality Group: “If you participate in Clean Miami Beach clean-up, and you come to The Wharf, you get a complimentary cocktail or complimentary beer fries.”

Even if you don’t physically clean up, a $10 donation will still get you those freebies.

Emi Guerra: “One hundred percent of the proceeds go to Clean Miami Beach to help keep our waterways and our beaches clean.”

Raimon Pujol, participant: “At the end of the day, you are going to meet people who are cool just like you, and care about the same things.”

Take care of the environment all weekend long. On Saturday, join Debris Free Oceans for the Hialeah Clean Up Crawl.

Maddie Kaufman, Debris Free Oceans: “We decided to come in to Hialeah because we are trying to do more work inland, and we wanted to highlight the connections between landlocked areas and the oceans.”

It’s a bar crawl meets litter pick-up.

Maddie Kaufman: “We will be starting at the Hialeah Tri-Rail Metrorail stop, and then we will be crawling to to Kush by Stephens, and then Unbranded. We are going a few miles and will be picking up tons of trash along the way.”

Alexis Osorio, Kush by Stephens: “Stephens has been here since 1954, and it’s kind of a no-brainer for us to partake in anything and everything that has to do with love for Hialeah, cleaning it, giving back.”

Picking up other people’s trash makes you hungry and thirsty. Good thing they’re stopping at those Hialeah hotspots.

Alexis Osorio: “To reward their hard work, we’re going to be providing them our Pata Sucia punch, which is a rum-based punch with fresh juices, and some bar snacks to kind of reward them.”

This is about zero waste, so bring your own cup to toss back a few in honor of the planet.

Dalton Hesley, participant: “It’s fun. It combines a community clean-up, which I consider to be really important, but with friends, good times and tasty foods, so it’s everything you need.”

It costs $5 to join the Hialeah Clean Up, and all the money goes to a good cause.

Clean Miami Beach
2395 Lake Pancoast Drive, Apt. 10
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Debris Free Oceans

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