It may only be Monday but I’m already looking forward to the weekend.

I know what you mean and part of that is because a big blockbuster is blasting into theaters this weekend.

Oppenheimer is just days away from hitting the movie screen and Deco got to chat with the stars of the new movie.

These interviews were conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “We’re in a race against the Nazis. And I know what it means- if the Nazis have a bomb.”

Things are getting explosive in the new historical thriller “Oppenheimer.”

Cillian Murphy as (Leslie Groves Jr.): “Are we saying there’s a chance that when we push that button, we destroy the world?

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “Chances are near zero.”

Matt Damon as (Leslie Groves Jr.): “Near zero?”

Cillian Murphy leads an all-star cast as the title scientist in the film about the creation of the atomic bomb.

Cillian Murphy: “Every day you’d have these phenomenal actors turning up. So every day was a blast.”

It’s a role he says he fully immersed himself in.

Cillian Murphy: “When I’m in it, I’m just in it.”

In fact, Cillian would get so into it, he tells Deco he wouldn’t even wind down after a long day of filming!

Cillian Murphy: “I don’t really do that during the body of the movie. I then, tend to have a really long break afterward and not work for six or eight months.”

Oppenheimer was a reunion of sorts, Cillian and Emily Blunt, who plays his wife in the movie, worked together on “A Quiet Place 2.”

While she and co-star Matt Damon go way back.

Matt Damon: “That’s, that’s a way of saying we’re good friends.”

I mean, when you’ve been pals for over a decade, there’s gotta be some fun nicknames involved, right?

Emily Blunt: “I call him Diamond.”

Matt Damon: “Diamond!”

Emily Blunt: “Diamond. Mattimus, he gets sometimes.”

Matt Damon: “I call her Em, or I call her Blunty.”

Emily Blunt: “But when you say Blunty, it has to be in an English accent.”

Matt Damon: “Blunty, it’s my bad English accent.”

Emily Blunt: “Or we call each other darling.”

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “This is a matter of life and death. I can perform this miracle.”

Oppenheimer may be a biographical film but the cast hopes that despite a lot of people knowing how the story ends, fans will be left with questions.

Cillian Murphy: “I hope it kinda gets people thinking about the world we live in, today.”

Matt Damon: “It’s very very emotional and thought-provoking, and it’s about the most important thing that happened in the last 100 years.”

Emily Blunt: “It’s like one of those movies that has a lasting effect on people. And I want that, for this film to be thought-provoking for weeks to come.”

Robert Downey Jr. (as Lewis Strauss): “Truman needs to know what’s next?”

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): ” What’s next.”

Oppenheimer starts screenings on Thursday.

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