We’re getting in the holiday spirit right here in SoFlo. A new attraction in Miami is offering plenty of thrills and chills. Alex Miranda is at Christmas Wonderland at Tropical Park with the deets.

Tonight my name is Jingles at this fabulous Christmas experience that invites South Floridians to come have fun, ride the rides and sen your request to Santa.

“Mrs. Claus”: “It’s so loving and so magical. I’m so excited.”

Wait, that’s not Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

Alex Miranda: “People are wondering, right? ‘Cause they want to come, they’re like, ‘Oh, wow, it’s back!’ But no, it’s Christmas Wonderland, and so, what are they going to see?

Tony Albelo: “It’s not about a comparison, not about a competition. It is a family experience, so we wanted to make sure that we had something for them, as well as something for the older kids and the kid in all of us.”

Looks like Ole St. Nick dropped off a new bag of gifts at Tropical Park this year. Now Christmas Wonderland is lighting up the beloved half-mile Tinsel Trail.

Tony Albelo: “Each one of our lands — there’s six of them — tells a different story. My favorite is HoliDade, as is HoliDade County, and it’s a nod to all the different neighborhoods in Miami.”

At Sweet Street…

Tony Albelo: “Think of ‘Candy Land’ come to life.”

Adults will feel the holiday spirit at the Arctic Delight bar.

Alex Miranda: “Oye, Merry Christmas for the adults, too. I mean, why not?”

Tony Albelo: “I can’t think of a better thing to do while here at Christmas Wonderland…”

Alex Miranda: “Than drink.”

Tony Albelo: “Yeah, maybe have a coquito.”

Catch the reindeer at Santa’s Village, and take a selfie with the big guy himself.

At Toys Town, the toys are larger than life … and, you were waiting for it, 40 rides!

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, that’s 155 feet, to the ground. Yup.”


Tony Albelo: “We have the biggest traveling Ferris wheel in North America.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, we’ve got the carnival down there. You can, you know, take a look at all the different rides you want to ride.”

But if that’s too big, there’s the medium, or small Ferris wheels … and tiny!

Call me Jingles, because Santa’s helpers can really get you into the Christmas spirit.

“Frostbite”: “A high voice like this! And you have to be jolly all the time!”

Alex Miranda: “So, is that the move?”

“Frostbite”: “Yes!”

Alex Miranda: “What’s my origin story?”

“Frostbite”: “Your origin story…”

But it was “Mrs. Claus” who really showed me the ropes.

Alex Miranda: “So, ‘Mrs. Claus,’ do you like techno music?”

Alex Miranda: “It’s filled with so much fun for the kids, but also, you’ve got some thrills here, too.”

Tony Albelo: “We have Techno Power, and of you’ve never been on Techno Power, I think you’re in for a big thrill.”

Alex Miranda: “That makes me want to go on Techno Power.”

Alex Miranda: “‘Mrs. Claus,’ was that as fast as you normally go on Christmastime?”

“Mrs. Claus”: “You guys set me up for this one.”

Alex Miranda: “Your glasses stayed on, and so did my hat.”

“Mrs. Claus”: “I told you I was a pro.”

Tony Albelo: “And that’s what we wanted to give Miami; some of it is traditional, and some of it is not traditional.”

Christmas Wonderland is open through Jan. 7, from 5 p.m. to midnight. Tickets start at $25 for children and $35 for adults online.

Christmas Wonderland at Tropical Park
7900 SW 40th St.
Miami, FL 33155

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