Chris Pratt must love a good challenge. First he took on dinosaurs, and now he is up against the United States Navy.

In Amazon’s new series “The Terminal List,” he stars as a Navy SEAL who’s trying to uncover the truth about what happened to his team on a fateful mission.

Revenge, thrills, action, conspiracy and no comedy. It’s nothing like you’ve seen Chris in before.

Chris Pratt is taking no prisoners in “The Terminal List.” The actor plays a Navy SEAL who wants revenge on those who killed his platoon during a covert op.

Chris Pratt: “To play someone rowdy and somebody who will exact revenge in a way that’s authentic, that doesn’t feel too Hollywood. That feels real gridded in and rooted in a reality; that was something that was a big challenge for me.”

The series is based on the best-selling novel of the same name, written by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr. It’s shot more like a film and blends different genres throughout the story.

Chris Pratt: “Psychological thriller, conspiracy thriller, revenge thriller, and so, you’re kind of shifting through those gears as you move forward through the series.”

This type of format allows you to get to know the characters better.

Constance Wu: “You really get to honor the story from all angles rather than trying to, like, stick to a tight 90 minutes. It becomes about the human stories.”

Antoine Fuqua: “More than anything, technical visual composition, was the emotions of the characters that come through.”

Real-life veterans joined the cast to keep the story as true to life as possible.

David DiGilio: “We were blessed to have, really, an entire team, and they call them the SEAL Teams, making sure that we were on our A-game every step of the way.”

Taylor Kitsch: “They are like brothers to us, and to have those guys on set to remind us that and keep us honest was imperative.”

You can stream all eight episodes on Amazon Prime this Friday.

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