It’s that time of year again, Deco fans. Miami Spice is back. I fast all year just to prep for this. I challenge myself to see how many places I can check out and how much I can eat. This year, there are hundreds of restaurants participating, and a bunch are new to the program. We had the hard task of checking one of them out.

Get ready to spice up your life.

Janel Blanco: “Miami Spice is a restaurant program that runs August and September.”

Restaurants all over Miami-Dade want you to come visit them, and they’re making it worth your while.

Janel Blanco: “The discount this year is for lunch, and brunch is three course meal for $28, and a three course meal for dinner is $45 or $60.”

One of the newbies is CH’I in Brickell City Center.

Emi Guerra: “We opened approximately one year ago, and we thought it was a great idea to be a part of Miami Spice and expose our restaurant to new customers.”

Manul Cortes: “If you are going to try something new, I think this is the place to be.”

This Chinese Latin fusion spot is all in.

Emi Guerra: “For lunch, we are offering three courses, and for dinner, we are also offering three courses, but the portions are slightly bigger and are different items.”

Start your spice meal with a fan favorite.

Emi Guerra: “A great representation of our restaurant is the ropa vieja spring rolls, which is your mother’s home cooked ropa vieja slapped in a spring roll.”

The hits keep coming.

Emi Guerra: “Highlights of our Miami Spice dinner menu includes the duck CH’I lo mein and our CH’I tempura garden. Our tempura garden is one of our fan favorites with shrimp, lobster, snapper and a whole lot of vegetables.”

Jordan Weinstock: “The food is amazing. I think the options are incredible. There is tons of variety. I totally recommend all the food.”

For the next two months, let somebody else do the cooking. You won’t be disappointed.

Jordan Weinstock: “It’s an amazing place to eat dinner with your friends.”


701 S. Miami Ave. #339a
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 257-8726

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