Finding a pizza place in South Florida is like finding a gecko in your backyard. In other words, they’re everywhere. But if you’re looking for the kind of pizza they serve over in Italy, you’ll have to search a little harder. Deco’s found the real deal in a most unlikely place.

Fort Lauderdale’s Yacht Haven Park and Marina is home to some tasty motor coaches. There’s one four-wheeled machine, that’s the tastiest of all: Saverio’s pizza trucks.

Emily Cataldo: “Saverio’s is bringing authentic pizza Napoletana, to South Florida, to the lovely Fort Lauderdale area.”

Here’s the lowdown on what the Long Island-based business is serving up.

Emily Cataldo: “Authentic pizza Napoletana means we abide by certain regulations that make it as authentic to the region of Naples as possible, using only the finest imported and fresh ingredients.”

That covers everything from the dough to the tomato sauce to anything that’s placed on the pie.

Emily Cataldo: “We’re very proud Italians and we want to hold to our roots and our heritage. Being an authentic Neapolitan pizza maker gives us a little bit of a niche and it introduces our heritage to lovely families that we have around our table.”

Julia Roberts: “I’m in love. I’m having a relationship with my pizza.”

There is so much to love here. You can go traditional with the Margherita pie. That’s just cheese, sauce, and dough or you can dare to dive into something special, like the speck pizza.

Emily Cataldo: A mozzarella base topped with spec which is smoked prosciutto. It’s put over the mozzarella and baked in the oven when it comes out it’s topped with hand-shaven Parmigiano Reggiano and your choice of either truffle oil or Mike’s hot honey.”

Vegetarians will be thankful for the mozzarella-based alina. You get thin-sliced fried eggplant topped with ricotta cheese and sweet honey.

Emily Cataldo: “Hot pizza with cold dollops of ricotta and that sweetness of the honey. It’s just really delicious.”

You might think placing a pizza truck in a motor home park is a strange move. It’s all part of a bigger plan.

Emily Cataldo: This is our test kitchen. The future holds probably a few brick-and-mortar stores here in South Florida.”

You’re probably wondering: Can anybody come to get a pie at Saverio’s? We think you’ll like the answer.

Emily Cataldo: “You do not need to be a resident of Yacht Haven you’re more than welcome to come up to the gate, press the button, and just let the gatekeeper know that you’re here to enjoy our pizza.”

Donnie Ganong: “We learned you know from research that these guys kinda big-time in New York and they’re great. They’re as good as advertised.”

Okay. So why is there a top-shelf pizza truck hidden away in yacht haven? We were told the guy who owns the park is partners with the pizza people. He asked them to come down from New York. So they did.

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