Bruce Willis announced his retirement from Follywood last month, but the iconic star still has a couple of movies ready for release. One of them is “Fortress: Sniper’s Eye,” and it’s now out On Demand.

Deco set its sights on the target and chatted with Bruce’s co-star, Chad Michael Murray.

Bruce Willis (as Robert): “They say life could be understood backwards.”

Chad Michael Murray (as Frederick Balzary): “But it must be lived forward.”

The last time we saw Frederick Balzary, he was starring down the barrel of Bruce Willis’ gun at the end of “Fortress.”

But Chad Michael Murray is back as the bad guy in the sequel “Fortress: Sniper’s Eye.” He’s still out for money and revenge.

Chad Michael Murray: “He’s not gonna hold anything back, right? All his cards are on the table. We’ve played this game.”

The movie is set a few weeks after the events of the first film, and the once top-secret resort has been breached again.

Chad says he had a blast revisiting his crazy, unhinged side.

Chad Michael Murray: “Everyone on set used to say, ‘Uh, he’s going full Balzary,’ and I loved it. It was a riot. It became a thing.”

“Fortress: Sniper’s Eye” isn’t just another action flick. It’s one of the last movies Bruce Willis shot before announcing his retirement.

Chad’s grateful for the time he got to spend working with the legendary actor.

Chad Michael Murray: “We got to know each other real well, to the point where I just felt like it was an older brother, younger brother type dynamic. Get up in the morning, he’d come walk towards me and give me a little shot in the gut and, you know, we’d goof around and talk old war stories and things like that.”

OK, if we’re talking about Bruce Willis, we gotta ask the age-old, most debated question: is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie?

Chad Michael Murray: “Christmas movie. Always has been, always will be. ‘Lethal Weapon’ is a Christmas movie. ‘Die Hard”s a Christmas movie. Same format, both incredibly successful. Love them both.”

Chad may be the villain in “Fortress: Sniper’s Eye,” but when it comes to what character from his career he’d love the chance to revisit, he totally picked a good guy.

Chad Michael Murray (as Austin): “I’m sorry I waited for the rain.”

Hillary Duff (as Samantha Montgomery): “That’s OK.”

“It’s Austin from “A Cinderella Story,” starring Hilary Duff. He even has an idea for how a sequel would work.

Chad Michael Murray: “‘Cinderella Story,’ 20 years later, and you reintroduce these two characters after life impacted. People go their separate ways, and they become what they’re going to become, and then they reunite, and was it fate, and were these two souls meant to be?”

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