The entertainment world is honoring Queen Elizabeth II. Alex Miranda is here with a look at some of the stars who had a special connection to the Crown.

She was beloved by so many around the world, but also in Hollywood. Movies were made about her, and she even had her own starring moments.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II is dominating social media, with Hollywood mourning one of the most famous people in history.

Sir Elton John, who was knighted by the queen in 1998, is deeply saddened. He released a statement that reads in part: “She was an inspiring presence to be around, and led the country through some of our greatest and darkest moments with grace.”

Sir Mick Jagger, also knighted, controversially, in 2003, posted that he remembers watching her wedding highlights on TV “as a beautiful young lady, to the much beloved grandmother of the nation.”

In a tweet, Dame Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of the monarch in the 2006 historical drama “The Queen, wrote, “We mourn a woman, who, with or without the Crown, was the epitome of nobility.”

Victoria Beckham called this not just a sad day for her country, but for the world, adding, “She will be remembered for her steadfast loyalty and service.”

While Ozzy Osborne tweeted, “Yhe greatest queen,” and, “With a heavy heart, I say it is devastating the thought of England without Queen Elizabeth II.”

For Barbra Streisand, it was her consistency, and the respect for her around the world. ending her Instagram caption with, “May she rest in peace.”

Sharing that sentiment was Janet Jackson, who also posted a picture of their handshake in 1989.

Whoopi Goldberg told a story about when they met in 2009. “As she approached me, all I could think of was WTH?? I’m an American kid from the projects, and I’m in the company of the Queen of England. I was in awe.”

Paris Hilton coined the queen “the original girl boss.” I guess she’s right.

Elizabeth had a sense of humor, too. Like, there she was, above the London 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, with Daniel Craig — you know, James Bond — parachuting out of a helicopter.

OK, it was a special effect, but the royal even showed off her star power and acting skills with Paddington Bear just this past June.

Ben Whishaw (as Paddington Bear, voice): “I always keep one for emergencies.”

Queen Elizabeth II: “So do I. I keep mine in here.”

Nailed it.

Ben Whishaw (as Paddington Bear, voice): “Happy Jubilee, ma’am, and thank you for everything.”

Queen Elizabeth II: “That’s very kind.”

Kris Jenner used these words to describe the longest-reigning British monarch: “Graceful, dedicated, elegant, unforgettable.”

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