Going natural means peace and hairmony. Letting your hair grow for the holiday season will make you strand out. Deco tracked down the latest curly trends to wipe those “stresses on your tresses” away.

Simone Hylton, owner of Natural Trendsetters: “I like to just impress onto people that if you embrace your natural hair you can shine.”

And shine you shall!

Just like Oprah and Issa Rae, who are all about going all natural.

Hair stylist Simone Hylton can’t wait to show off her coiling skills at the Coilture Freedom Festival this weekend during Soul Basel.

Simone Hylton: “It is a day to celebrate and embrace natural beauty. It’s going to be a really good time. We have performers, performances and a hot hair fashion show where we get to show you the latest trends, fashion, hair.”

Speaking of trends…

Simone Hylton: “This is a new technique that everyone is going crazy about now; it’s called tree braids. I’m going to put you on to a little secret, so we braid her hair, and we leave the extensions out like little trees.”

Over at the Natural Trendsetter, a salon in Plantation, they’re big on cherishing what you’re given.

Simone says, for the holidays, you can go up or down.

Simone Hylton: “This is actually a set. It looks like it’s an amazing style that she can wear for Christmas. But when New Year’s comes, she wants to look hot. We’re going to take her pin curls down and make it look funky. The bigger the hair, the longer the stare, baby!”

As for the men…

Simone Hylton: “For his Christmas look going to see the family, he looks a little more conservative. He has braids in his locks, his hair has length, and we kind of tucked it away, but now, we’re going to let his locks be free, honey.”

And for those just starting to let it grow, try this look.

Simone Hylton: “Sew-ins are a thing. I’m an old-school hairdresser, I believe in sew-ins. She actually has a haircut in her hair. She has her own hairline, her own baby hairs.”

From minimal front leave-out, to a full bouncy look, now you can channel your inner god and goddess.

Simone Hylton: “We specialize in natural hair, but we love hair care, and we have our own product line, My Royal Coils, because your coils are royal, and we like to just try to save the world, one crown at a time.”

Coilture Freedom Festival is on Sunday. For more information visit the event website.

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