Here in SoFlo, we’ll take any excuse to throw a party. A holiday that’s all about us sounds like a pretty good reason to us. Deco’s checking out three spots that are celebrating the magic of the Magic City.

Pitbull said it best…

Pitbull (singing): “Que no pare la fiesta, don’t stop the party!”

Everybody knows … there ain’t no party like a 305 party.

The Magic City is getting pumped for its annual 305 Day Fiesta at Wynwood Marketplace this Saturday.

Marvin Tapia: “305 Day celebrates Miami people, Miami culture, music, food. I mean, everything that makes us Miami is what we celebrate on 305 Day. There’ll be free pastelitos and cafecito from Publix.”

March 5th falls on a Tuesday this year. That simply won’t do.

Carlos Fernandez: “We’re doing things earlier this year, which is unaccustomed to Miami people. We’re usually late, so we’re trying to be better by doing it three days early. So, come out, 305 day on 03/02.”

Comedian Carlos Hernandez is back as this year’s host with the most.

DJ Epps is back, too. He wants you to show up and get down.

DJ Epps: “I’m gonna be your music therapist. So we’re gonna have nothing but great music. And when I say great music, t’s not just hip hop. We’re gonna have some reggaeton. Being with that crowd is nothing but pure energy.”

Here’s the dealio. “The Art of Hip Hop” in Wynwood is drawing up some savings for 305 Day.

Alan Ket: “For 305 Day, we are offering discounted tickets, $3.05 to come in, and you’re gonna basically see a new exhibition, a new celebration of some of the makers and photographers of Miami.”

One of the featured artists is Erni Vales, who creates paintings out of traditional graffiti shapes.

Erni Vales: “If you go home and you say, ‘I remember that piece, and it makes me feel something, and I get it,’ I did my job.”

SoFlo native SKAM2? is treating SoFlo to some special sketches.

SKAM2?: “There’s gonna be some of the original sketches for, like some of the Slim Shady LP stuff and A Tribe Called Quest, ‘Beats, Rhymes and Life.'”

When he says Slim Shady, you know he’s talking about Eminem.

SKAM2? told Deco about how these iconic images came about.

SKAM2?: “They just gave me carte blanche and were like, ‘Well, you know all the songs, you know the vibe, you know what it is,’ and they just let me do it.”

Hungry for more savings? Stop by The Krazy Vegan in Miramar.

Alex “Big Lip” Chisholm: “A lot of times, people party on 305 Day. We’re celebrating it with food.”

That means dishing out some deals that even celebs will love.

Alex “Big Lip” Chisholm: “305 Day is gonna be big at The Krazy Vegan. We have menu items for $3.05. Only time you’re gonna see them for $3.05, I’m just gonna be honest.”

HOT 105 radio host “Big Lip” is talking about items like their specialty burgers.

Alex “Big Lip” Chisholm: “We’ve created a new signature burger. It’s called the 305 Burger. It has the mango salsa, it has the caramalized onions. It has the french fried potato sticks on it.”

There’s also a hangover breakfast burger, and a fun “Miami Vice” berry drink. I’ll eat and drink to that!

The 305 Day party at Wynwood Marketplace on Saturday is free. It all kicks off at, you guessed it, 3:05 p.m.

11th Annual 305 Day
Wynwood Marketplace
2250 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

“The Art of Hip Hop” Exhibition
Museum of Graffiti
276 NW 26th St.
Miami, FL 33127

The Krazy Vegan
18421 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, FL 33029

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