Once upon a time, caviar was reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. But thanks to social media, everyone’s hopping on the bandwagon. Deco’s checking out a SoFlo spot that’s serving up some fancy caviar with a side of etiquette.

Martha Stewart (on TikTok): “Looks like a kilo of caviar. Thanks, Martha Stewart.”

An extravagant lifestyle means Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Tucked behind the big curtain of Four Seasons Miami in Brickell is Caviar Russe.

Edward Panchernikov, general manager, Caviar Russe: “We were looking for spaces in Miami, we were looking specifically for small, intimate spaces that you can really bring the caviar moment to life. When you’re enjoying something like caviar, paired with fine dining, you want that special attention and, really, a nostalgic restaurant.”

For those new to what’s considered black gold, here’s a treat for you.

Edward Panchernikov: “Everyone, welcome to Caviar 101 at Caviar Russe Miami. Cheers.”

This monthly tasting event at Caviar Russe is the ultimate beginner’s guide.

Edward Panchernikov: “It’s communal seating of 12 people. The class component is kind of like the more serious educational parts. For somebody who wants to develop their caviar palate, this is a good entry. It educates you because it shows you what caviar you might want for different occasions.”

A fun fact for people about this fish egg delicacy is…

Edward Panchernikov: “Generally biggest surprise is that they think it’s fishy or salty. It’s really more like butter.”

Smooth like butter, got it! What’s the key question to ask?

Edward Panchernikov: “The providence of caviar, where’s your caviar coming from? Not just the fish but, like, who’s farming it, what country, is super interesting, and once people are told caviar comes from different countries, then they want to know, ‘OK, who’s farming it?'”

And after the egg-citing lesson…

Edward Panchernikov: “The rest of it is just an enjoyable dinner party. It’s followed by three courses highlighting some of our classic dishes.”

Price is $250 per person, and you can experience the next one on May 15.

Edward Panchernikov: “But if you can’t wait for the next class, we are launching our martini hour on April 16, Tuesday through Saturday, where we’re going to be pairing martinis with caviar cones.”

And bar bites like this caviar empanada. So, scale from one to 10?

Alexa Santos: “If it could go beyond 10, I definitely would. I couldn’t fathom a more lavish, wonderful experience if you like caviar. If you want to feel very lavish and elevated and swanky and gorgeous, and you come in here and you’re treated like a prince or princess, and you just feel like you’re living the height of luxury.”

Caviar Russe
Four Seasons Hotel Miami
1441 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

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