Being devoted to a friend means love, loyalty and dedication — just like me and Lynn, my loving Deco Drive wifey. This is the kind of relationship you’ll see in the movie “Devotion.” Instead of two TV hosts, though, it’s about two fighter pilots who become real life heroes during the Korean war.

It’s a mission to bring everyone home safely in the movie “Devotion,” starring Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell.

It’s the true story of Jesse Brown, the Navy’s first Black elite fighter pilot, who becomes best buds with a fellow pilot as they fight in the Korean War.

Jonathan Majors: “He mirrors trials and tribulations that I’ve experienced in my life, and he has far exceeded expectations and has put himself, you know, from the mud into the sky. This is my hero.”

Glen Powell: “When you have a figure like that who’s accomplished so much and up against such circumstances, I thought it was a tragedy that this wasn’t someone that got people up to change the world every day.”

Fresh off his breakout role in “Top Gun: Maverick,” Glen knows a thing or two about the challenges of flying.

Glen Powell: “In terms of flying, these planes are brutal. We’re ripping and roaring on some very old aircraft.”

Jonathan Majors: “I’m trying to keep my lunch down, stay in this thing and honor Jesse Brown.”

In terms of keeping it real, they did, using vintage airplanes from the 1950s, and the cast was impressed.

Joe Jonas: “You walk up to them, they’re so overwhelming and they are monsters.”

Thomas Sadoski: “They are incredible pieces of machinery. There really, really are.”

The actors said it was like stepping back in time.

Thomas Sadoski: “Yeah, we’re climbing in and out of museum pieces everyday.”

Joe Jonas: “Yeah, It’s just ridiculous. It was incredible.”

“Devotion” is now showing in theaters.

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