“Oppenheimer” is a summer movie that’s coming in with a bang!

It blasts into theaters next week, but the cast and crew got to celebrate their explosive world premiere in Paris Tuesday night.

Christopher Nolan: “It’s the first theater anywhere in the world where we will show ‘Oppenheimer’ on 70 mm film.”

Cillian Murphy: “The reaction so far has been amazing. It’s a film designed for theaters, you know, for IMAX, so I’m gonna watch it tonight.”

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “We’re in a race against the Nazis. And I know what it means, if the Nazis have a bomb.”

Cillian Murphy: “I think it ask a lot of questions, some of the big kind of ethical, moral, paradoxical questions that there is.”

Matt Damon as (Leslie Groves Jr.): “Are we saying there’s a chance that when we push that button, we destroy the world?”

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “Chances are near zero.”

Matt Damon as (Leslie Groves Jr.): “Near zero?”

Matt Damon: “I’m really excited; it came out really well. It’s one of the best screen performances I’ve ever seen, with what Cillian did.”

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “I can perform this miracle.”

Will Roberts (as Gen George C Marshall): “World War II would be over; our boys would come home.”

Emily Blunt (as Kitty Oppenheimer): “It’s happening, isn’t it?”

Emily Blunt: “The script was heart-racing. I mean, it was a yes before I’d read it.”

Kenneth Branagh (as Niels Bohr): “You are the man who gave them the power to destroy themselves. And the world is not prepared.”

Robert Downey Jr.: “You literally – you’re gonna feel like you’ve been brought back to when it happened.”

Emily Blunt: “It’s more than a film. This is a heart-racing experience, and to get the full kidnap of it, you gotta go see it, go see it massive.”

Matt Damon: “They invented black and white IMAX for sequences in this movie. I mean, it’s just, that’s how you should see it if you can.”

Robert Downey Jr. (as Lewis Strauss): “Truman needs to know what’s next.”

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “What’s next?”

Cillian Murphy: “My 15-year-old kid saw it, and he was knocked out and was very, very curious about all that time in history, and its relevance to today.”

Robert Downey Jr.: “I’ve never been in a film that is this big and this small, because it’s something that we’re all really thinking about.”

Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer): “The world will remember this day.”

“Oppenheimer” will open exclusively in theaters on July 21.

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