Jennifer Lopez is ready for a new beginning — music-wise, that is. The singer has just dropped a new song called “Can’t Get Enough,” which is the first single off her upcoming album, and she’s telling Deco all about it.

Jennifer Lopez: “And now, it’s time, for the world premiere of my new music video ‘Can’t Get Enough,’ the beginning of the ‘This Is Me Now’ experience.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “I feel like starting something. You got my engine running. You got the keys to turn me on.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Today’s such a special day, and it’s been a long time coming.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “You got me accelerated. I wanna celebrate it. Can’t nothing take me out my zone.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I’m really excited for you to understand the feeling that this was a 20-year journey.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “When it feels right, nothing else matters. Is this real life?”

Jennifer Lopez: “So, I knew that that energy is what I wanted to start the whole ‘This Is Me Now’ experience with.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “I’m still in love with you, boy.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Now, I love a love song, but I need something that I can perform. You know, like, I’m always thinking about performing and dancing whenever I’m making music. I actually make music so that I can perform.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “I just wanna, I just feel like, every time I see ya it’s like.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I also knew that we needed an incredible kind of visual to go along with it.”

Jennifer Lopez (acting): “‘Til death do us part.”

Groom (acting): “Til death do us part.”

Wedding guest (acting): “I told you she couldn’t be alone.”

Wedding guest (acting): “This guy don’t stand a chance.”

Wedding guest (acting): “Third time’s the charm?

Wedding guest (acting): “You wanna bet?”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “So good I can’t believe it.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I discussed it with Ben, of all people. Not that he’s ever made videos or anything like that, but I just trust his opinion and his kind of ideas.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “I let you keep me to yourself.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Nobody kinda knows my story, or me, more than he does. I really feel like he gets me and understands me.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “Is this real life?”

Wedding guest: “Don’t catch it, it’s cursed.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “Take me all night. I can feel the passion.”

Jennifer Lopez: “What I want to tell you with this album is that true love actually exists, it really does, and some things are forever. Forever is real.”

Jennifer Lopez (singing): “I’m still in love.”

J.Lo’s ninth album, titled “This Is Me Now,” is out Feb. 16. There’s also going to be a documentary film about it dropping the same day on Amazon Prime.

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