Too scared to ask what you really want to ask? Not anymore, thanks to a new show called “Don’t Cancel Me.” It’s hosted by a “Love & Hip-Hop” star who says the show is about letting it all out and not being judged.

You probably know Amara la Negra for her music … or for moments like these.

Amara la Negra: “It’s called karma, watch your [expletive] mouth!”

But you’ve never seen her like this.

Amara La Negra: “In your OnlyFans, have you guys gotten into any fantasies, role play, anything like that? Or is it just like, you know?”

Guest on show: “Recently, OK, so I did do one. OK, so there’s something called sneezing fetish.”

Amara gets down to business as host on Fuse+’s newest show, “Don’t Cancel Me.”

Amara La Negra: “‘Don’t Cancel Me’ is a new format. It’s like a roundtable space where you can be open, honest, transparent, uncensored, unfiltered. It’s a safe space to give your opinion without being judged.”

The show is set in Miami and gets to all your burning questions, from sex and relationships to immigration — all the things you may be too scared to ask because you might get “canceled.”

Amara La Negra: “We’re in an era of cancel culture, where a lot of times we just want to cancel people without giving them the opportunity to truly explain themselves. I still feel as though there’s a lot of opportunities for those ‘cancel’ moments to be educational moments.”

She’s hashing out the hot-button issues with respect.

Guest on show: “There’s this negative space on social media, dresses popped open, you have a wardrobe malfunction, oh, you’re on the front page of everybody’s blog.”

To get down to what really matters.

Amara La Negra: “There’s subjects and things that still need to get talked about, and we kind of rather ignore it and become entertained by the latest album or who’s dating who.”

And nothing’s off the table.

Amara La Negra: “How do you feel about one night stands? Are you open to it?”

“Don’t Cancel Me with Amara La Negra” is set to premiere on Fuse and Fuse+ next Wednesday, Dec. 1.

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