If the right recipe for a TV show is funny, quirky and finger-lickin’ good, “Bob’s Burgers” is definitely on the menu. The hit Fox animated series about the family behind a burger joint is getting the movie treatment. For delicious details, we flip on over to Deco’s Alex Miranda, who’s never cooked a day in his life.

If reheating McDonald’s counts as cooking, then I’m a chef, but Bob’s burgers have got to be better.

Because fans love it so much, they ordered up a whole feature film, with an unexpected side of murder.

More than 200 episodes.

Kevin Kline (as Calvin Fischoeder, voice): “You have seven days to make your payment.”

And over 12 seasons.

John Roberts (as Linda Belcher, voice): “It’s gonna be OK, Bob.”

Yet we’re still hungry.

Burger: “That feels nice.”

H. Jon Benjamin (as Bob Belcher): “I know, I know.”

Burger: “Don’t rub my sesame seeds off.”

For “Bob’s Burgers.”

Kristen Schaal: “The show is relatable, accessible and honest.”

The hit animated comedy series has been cooked up into a movie. Well done!

Eugene Mirman: “What should moviegoers be aware of before seeing the film?”

John Roberts: “Subject to seizures!”

Called … “The Bob’s Burgers Movie.”

Kristen Schaal: “This movie is just a fun escape.”

H. Jon Benjamin: “We’re not curing cancer.”

Kristen Schaal: “You’re not gonna drive home and think, ‘Oh, my gosh, all the mistakes of my life.'”

The Belcher family voices are all back, including Bob — like, the Bob.

H. Jon Benjamin: “Why do fans love ‘Bob’s Burgers?’ Me.”

Then there’s wife Linda.

John Roberts: “She’s there to keep everybody positive.”

We also have Louise.

Kristen Schaal: “The youngest member of the Belcher family. A child, a female child.”

Now, the oldest daughter Tina, who’s…

Dan Mintz: “A little more reserved than some of the other family members.”

And nothing reserved about Gene here.

Eugene Mirman: “He’s an 11-year old boy who loves music and joking around.”

Plus, Teddy.

Larry Murphy: “He’s a customer at the restaurant, as well as maybe Bob’s friend.”

But a murder mystery rocks them all, after a sinkhole opens up in front of the restaurant, revealing a skeleton.

Eugene Mirman (as Gene Belcher, voice): “Did you mean to wave your arms all over the place while falling into the hole, because if so, you nailed it.”

And they still find a way to make that funny.

John Roberts: “Picking out very awkward, real moments that we don’t really talk about out loud in real life.”

Like the ones in this interview?

Kristen Schaal: “Is it surprising that this voice is coming out of this body? Or does it make sense?”

Eugene Mirman: “The sexiest rabbi in America!”

Good casting.

John Roberts: “Each character has their own special kind of quirkiness, and it’s fun to watch.”

“The Bob’s Burgers Movie,” which is also a musical, hits theaters Friday.

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