Bob Marley is the king of reggae music. Marley’s life is now the subject of a new film called “One Love.” Alex Miranda is jamming on South Beach at the red carpet premiere.

Thursday’s premiere at Regal South Beach was hosted by the actual Marley family themselves. How cool is that?

The word “love” is definitely one that we think about when we think about Bob Marley. I also think about chill vibes, but “legacy” is at the top of my mind watching all the stars walk the red carpet. It looms large over this carpet and also over culture in general. Marley’s memory continues to affect all of us in such a positive way.

While the stars see the movie, I wanted to show you what it was like to the cast to go back to where it all began: beautiful Jamaica.

Kingsley Ben-Adir (as Bob Marley): “My life is for people. That I can be beneficial to a people.”

Reinaldo Marcus Green, director/co-writer, “Bob Marley: One Love”: “In Jamaica, with the support of the Jamaican people, we traveled Bob’s journey.”

Ziggy Marley: “Being in the actual places where these things happened is very special.”

Lashana Lynch: “It would be an injustice to not have Jamaica’s energy in this film.”

Reinaldo Marcus Green: ‘We shot up and down the streets of Trenchtown to add authenticity.”

Kingsley Ben-Adir: “Going into Hope Road and seeing where he recorded just activates your imagination.”

Naomi Cowan: “We shot at Strawberry Hill, a location that played a huge role in Bob’s life.”

Ziggy Marley: “And as to where Bob went, we went, too, after the shooting.”

Naomi Cowan: “We shot the big concert scenes here, that actually took place here.”

Lashana Lynch: “We created something special to gift to a legend, in his own country.”

Ziggy Marley: “I was there at the ‘One Love’ concert. My father being my father, he spread a message of love and unity. This is who we are, following in his footsteps.”

Kingsley Ben-Adir: “Every day in Jamaica was magic in that way.”

Kingsley Ben-Adir looked absolutely handsome tonight.

“Bob Marley: One Love” opens in theaters on the one day that is most appropriate throughout the entire year — of course, the day of love, Valentine’s Day, this coming Wednesday, Feb. 14.

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