Ever wondered what it’s like to be inside a painting? Now some South Florida locations are giving you the opportunity to really get inside art.

At Blue Rider Cafe, right outside Superblue museum in Miami, you can grab a bite from Frankie & Wally’s and eat inside a mosaic.

Frankie & Wally’s spokesperson: “One of the many reasons we decided to park our truck here was because of this beautiful scenery behind me, this artwork.”

The artwork was created by London-based designer Yinka Ilori, and he definitely knows how to play around with color.

Yinka Ilori: “Everything I do is very much — it’s about playing. It’s very playful.”

Yinka takes inspiration from his Nigerian roots, from seeing his friends and family always mixing color.

Yinka Ilori: “When you wear color, and you stand out and you’re different, you know, it starts a conversation with people, and I think that’s the power of color and of culture.”

While designing chairs is his first love, Yinka’s branched out into revamping entire spaces.

Now he’s found his way to the Magic City.

Yinka Ilori: “Design should be inclusive. It should be a place where you can express yourself.”

Yinka has brought all that flair with him, so after grabbing your New York style sub, you can dine amongst the colorful walls.

Amy Muslin: “Obviously, I live in Miami, so I love art, and I came to Superblue, so what a better way to enjoy a sandwich than among beautiful art?”

Gabriel Llaurado: “So, guys, welcome to the experience of Asian Night Market.”

Coral Way’s best kept secret is Undisclosed. Well, not anymore, because the cat’s out the bag.

Gabriel Llaurado: “Undisclosed is our private room. We decided it’s a speakeasy where we want to link gastronomy with art.”

There is more than meets the eye at this art gallery.

Beyond the door, there’s an experience Gabriel says you won’t get anywhere else.

Gabriel Llaurado: “Undisclosed is the one place you can’t replicate anywhere else, given the uniqueness of the ambiance, the linkage between art and food, and obviously, the unique proteins that we have, but I think this could be a very, very good date night, celebration or if you want to get together with some friends.”

Deco got a sneak peek at their new Asian Night Market, and that’s hat’s where diners get their own special portrait taken and then sample a variety of dishes.

Gabriel Llaurado: “Katsu Sando, you’ll be seeing the Satay, you’ll be seeing our Japanese A-5 Wagyu nigiris.”

Andrea Mitheus: “I would recommend it 100%, mostly because the experience seems to be, like, pretty personalized to you. You have the plates for you, there’s not a lot of people, there’s not a lot of noises, so it’s like only you and your group.”

You can drop by the Blue Rider Cafe anytime, but Undisclosed is by appointment only. All of their dinners are different themes.

Blue Rider Cafe
Superblue Miami
1101 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33127

Undisclosed Miami
2207 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33145

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