You know you’re getting a world-class show with Cirque du Soleil! 10 out of 10, every time. And for the whole family. But this time, starting Thursday in Sunrise.

The characters are people, not creatures. And the plot takes a moody turn. You know how Sia sings about swinging from the chandeliers in her song. Well, Cirque said, hold my beer because we can really swing.

Cirque du Soleil flies into Sunrise.

Olaf Triebel: “People are in awe about what’s happening.”

Starting this Thursday, at the Amerant Bank Arena.

Olaf Triebel: “There is juggling. There is people flying through the air, jumping through the air. And it’s just a feast for the eyes, the ears. We have nine live musicians, two singers with us.”

With their new show, “Corteo.”

Olaf Triebel: “The show “Corteo” is about our main character Mowro, who is either dreaming about his funeral or living his funeral, which sounds sad in the first place, but it’s not. It’s about getting all his friends together from his life, his family. Meeting everyone one more time.”

Alex Miranda: “Well, with an insightful plot like that, I’m like, I feel like I’m going to walk away with a new understanding of life. Yeah? I think so!”

Olaf Triebel: “I hope so! It’s it’s definitely the most theatrical show of Cirque du Soleil.”

You think you know Cirque? Think again; they’re always switching things up.

Olaf Triebel: “If you look behind me, the stage is really in the center of the arena, which makes people much closer to the action. And it also gives a little bit of the perspective of the performer, because you see the audience.”

Reinventing the wheel, if you will.

Alex Miranda: “Do you sometimes just hear yourself say things these and kind of check out for a second and go, ‘Wow, my job is crazy?'”

Olaf Triebel: “It is definitely crazy yes. Sometimes there is a reality check of, ‘Is this real? Is this what we’re doing every day?’ But it is what we’re doing every day.”

You can never put Cirque in a box, but you can dangle it from the ceiling.

Olaf Triebel: “There’s actually four girls flying through the air on chandeliers.”

Don’t you love how crazy that sentence is? And this one?

Olaf Triebel: “To see someone who is going to fly over the audience and it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out. And you help this person fly.”

Johan is one of their world-class jugglers.

Johan Juslin: “When I was 10-years-old, I actually saw Cirque du Soleil on TV and the juggler was just like amazing. And I was like at that moment, ‘I need to become a juggler.'”

And takes silly, seriously.

Johan Juslin: [Juggling]

But plans on teaching me? Yeah, no. How about one quick trick?

Johan Juslin: “You like throw. And you’re going to catch it? Nice.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh!”

Johan Juslin: “Throw it back to me. Nice.”

Alex Miranda: “Yes!”

Bring the whole family through July 21. And hey, the circus is happy it’s in SoFlo too.

Olaf Triebel: “On our days off, you will definitely see us enjoying the beach, the ocean.”

Tickets start around $60. And meet and greet tickets are also offered.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

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