Wynwood is set to show its true colors this weekend for the fourth annual Pride. Friday’s headliner is the one name that ya’ll know: rapper, singer, artist Azealia Banks. But what rapper does she just love?

Azealia Banks. Artist.

Azealia Banks: “My job as a musician is to bring the old world to the new world and then spin it around again.”

Viral meme queen. Raw talent.

Azealia Banks: “The animal, you know what I’m saying? You gotta hit it deep.”

Is this Friday’s headliner at Wynwood Pride!

Azealia Banks: “Just know that we’re going to have a good ass time, and we’re going to celebrate.”

Performing at the RC Cola Plant, where you’ll most definitely “dance to the big, big beat” to the cool oldies and the hot newbies.

Azealia Banks: “Wings of a butterfly goes off. ‘Can’t you tell by the way I’m walking?'”

I met up with the “212” star in the 305, where she lives now, at Freehold just days after her 31st birthday.

Azealia Banks: “I’m becoming a woman.”

Which she says is freeing.

Azealia Banks: “I don’t have to be defined by anything, at all.”

And healing.

Azealia Banks: “Childhood traumas and things like that. I’m starting to, like, pick a lot of thorns out of my back.”

She’s also running skincare line Cheapyxo, which formulates many of its products specifically for gay men.

Alex Miranda: “So you feel that you filled a void?”

Azealia Banks: “Yes!”

And there’s no void of diehard fans.

Azealia Banks: “I miss y’all.”

She calls them “the brigade.”

Azealia Banks: “We’re different. We’re cultured.”

Which includes Lil Nas X.

Azealia Banks: “I like him a lot.”

Who said last year he wants a collaboration with Azealia.

Azealia Banks: “I want to show him references. I want to show him culture.”

And the love is mutual.

Azealia Banks: “You’re special.”

She even thinks he could be…

Azealia Banks: “One of the greats. I really see it and sometimes, like, it makes me want to cry.”

Wynwood Pride

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