There’s just something about scary movies. Even when you’re totally freaked out, you keep watching because you gotta know what happens. The new film “The Aviary” is so full of suspense that even the cast got really spooked.

Malin Akerman (as Jillian): “Something is changing at The Aviary. We had to leave before somebody got killed.”

Forget birds. Malin Akerman and Lorenza Izzo are the ones who are taking flight in the new psychological thriller “The Aviary.”

Lorenza Izzo (as Blair): “I didn’t join a cult.

Malin Akerman (as Jillian): “But that’s what it was it was.”

Lorenza Izzo (as Blair): “I didn’t know what it was.”

Malin Akerman (as Jillian): “How long ’til Gallup?”

Lorenza Izzo (as Blair): “Two days.”

They play two women walking through the New Mexico desert after escaping from a dangerous cult, but their own minds may be messing with them more than the elements.

Sounds pretty scary, right? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t as scary as their reaction when they saw the film.

Malin Akerman: “She was screaming, and she knew what was coming next.”

Lorenza Izzo: “We saw it together. I was in the movie, and I screamed so loud at like the one scene I wasn’t in.”

OK, first thing’s first. Who has the better survival skills?

Malin Akerman: “I grew up in Canada, and our summers consisted of camping, and as a kid, that was the best thing ever, to go camping and roughing and toughing it. I prefer ‘glamping’ nowadays, truly, but you can throw me out in the wilderness, and I will be fine enough.”

Lorenza agrees.

Lorenza Izzo: “I would totally trust you if this actually happened to us in real life, and if it was actually you and me in the wilderness. I would feel very safe.”

But she can also hold her own.

Lorenza Izzo: “I love the outdoors, too. I also grew up camping a lot. I love backpacking now a lot, and I really enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, though. I do love a good hotel and a fabulous vacation.”

“The Aviary” isn’t your traditional scary or slasher movie. Then again, neither are the films our leading ladies say freaked them out the most.

Malin Akerman: “One of the scariest films I ever watched was ‘The Shining,’ which is a nice combination of all of it and feels like it could really happen, where someone goes insane and tries to kill you.”

Lorenza Izzo: “I watched ‘The Exorcist’ when I was really young, and that was a huge mistake. I should have not done that. I think it screwed me up forever, and then I never watched a horror movie for a long time.”

Lorenza Izzo (as Blair): “You’re not Seth, you’re the devil.”

“The Aviary” flies into theaters on Friday, April 29.

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